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Option 1
How to be great on the phone! A course for anyone that uses the phone for business (but would rather send an email!)

£297 (or 5 payments of £65)
For 27 modules,lots of videos and hints and tips as well as sample introductions and “scripts” to download. 

Find out more and view a free sample lesson here:

I love helping people feel confident and I’ll help you ENJOY speaking to people on the phone. No seriously! You’ll learn to love it or at worst understand how to do it well, why it’s important, and how to get the most from it on a personal level!

This course gives you: downloads to use to tell you what to say to people, thought provoking questions, tonnes of advice and tips you don’t even know you needed and overall the confidence and skills to start talking to people on the phone right now.  It’s especially useful for anyone who needs to use the phone for marketing or sales, or speaking to clients.

Option 2 (Lite Version)
How to Feel Confident Speaking on the Phone

£59 (or 2 payments of £35)
for 9 modules to help you build your confidence on the phone (with option to upgrade to full course for a discount)

Find out more and view a free sample lesson here:

This course is for anyone who has to use the phone in business but avoids picking it up and just sends an email instead. Sound Familiar?

You can miss opportunities this way, and it’s usually some kind of fear that stops you just calling someone. I can help.

This course is a “lite” version of a more in depth one I offer, but gives you real tools & advice, in an easy to understand and friendly way to help you feel confident in speaking to people on the phone. You may even learn to love it!

The training I received was very insightful, Janine explained to me different ways to engage my clients and even offered alternative ideas which helped immensely. She was very warm and open to teaching me as well as hearing my own ideas and trying to implement both together. I would definitely use her in the future for myself as well as training other members of staff- it was great fun working with Janine shes very confident and friendly, making the training that much more enjoyable.
Leila Daoudi, Business Development LoveRaw Ltd (as featured on Dragon’s Den)

One to One Training

Janine carries out our training and consultancy.  Whether you have employees who are meant to call, but they always seem to find something else to do with their time…and you worry that they’re lazy or incompetent when the truth is they probably just need a confidence boost.

Or maybe it’s your business, and it’s you who has to make the cold calls, but you find something else always takes priority.  Lots of sales people are better face to face than on the phone – that’s natural, because the skills needed for telemarketing are different to sales.  Or maybe you feel like your boss doesn’t get how hard it is to pick up the phone with them listening in!

All of these issues seem to boil down to confidence, and understanding what fear is, what influences our fear, how it feels.  When I help people understand where their fear comes from, we can obliterate it. I do this on a personal level with clients outside of Ringhello and within the company to help people feel better.  My mentoring work looks at both the individual and the company approach to calling to make sure that the goals and aims of both are understood to maximise confidence and success.


  • First we look at what Telemarketing IS. How it differs from sales, why it’s different, the key skills
  • Then we look at how to do cold calling and telemarketing effectively. This includes:
    • Get confident picking up the phone (we’ll look at what’s stopping you and address that)
    • How to engage with clients on the phone at all levels of discussion
    • How to get past gatekeepers (or at worst how to manage them so they become helpful)
    • How to turn a conversation into a meeting or sale 
    • How to get the best outcome from each call.  What “no” means, whether it’s actually a maybe and how to turn a maybe into a “Yes!”
    • Practical tips to help you feel more encouraged to pick up the phone from where you sit, to how your boss monitors what you do, to the script (I hate script I call them prompt sheets) that you use.


  • I look at the script you use and rework it
  • I help advise on handling calls (looking at worse and best case scenarios from calls)
  • We examine the types of calls you’ll receive and make sure the expectations and next action is clear
  • I do a lot of work with your boss to make sure their expectations are clear and based on fact
  • We examine the personal aspects as to why there’s a lack of confidence.
  • How to handle cold calls
  • Admin work associated with the calls – I advise on best practice and give practical ideas on things that help people on the phone.

FEES for one to one training – £100 per hour

  • In depth needs analysis and strategy development – we look at what you need and how to take it forward.   This usually takes 3 hours.
  • Thereafter you should allow a further 2-3 hours as a minimum
  • Each training session then has a written report for you outlining what was discussed, and how you as a manager can better support your team.
  • I recommend a monthly retainer of 1 hour to allow for ongoing progress to be made – it’s important you feel supported continuously as confidence levels, roles and calls evolve.

It’s important that you are given the opportunity to go away and practice the skills on the phone and for you to make notes about specific calls to ask me about them. I want you to succeed, and you’ll do that if you know you have someone to turn to exactly when you need them!

Depending on location, Training & Mentoring is carried out using webinars, phone calls and full support material is provided.


Initially Tori was a client of mine and I carried out some Telemarketing for her.   However she changed companies and after a few months she got in touch with me for some help with a couple of things.  The first was to help her formulate a unique and clever approach for her to use on cold calls along with a telemarketing strategy.  The second was to help her brush up her skills on the phone – she said:

I’m as rusty as a skanky old nail at telemarketing” so I helped her feel more confident and reassured her that she could in fact do the calls successfully herself, it was a case of helping her hone her approach and get clear on what she was doing, and feel happy and confident about making the calls.

Janine is a superstar.  She worked with me to really come up with a good plan of  action.  This helped me feel confident that I knew what I was talking about and I was able to make calls that I’d been putting off.  She helped me on a really personal level to tap into my own potential and unlock the confident telemarketer that had been lurking for some time.  Janine gave a good mix of practical ideas with new ways of looking at things to help me realise that there’s nothing to be scared of.  She made me feel important, capable and empowered and always honoured how I was feeling.  She’s got really good insights into what works and what doesn’t so I really recommend her to anyone wanting to take their confidence to the next level. –Tori Knight

About Janine

I studied Psychology at university, and carried our peer mentoring and counselling at school as part of the UK’s first initiative within schools so I’ve always been involved in helping people feel better on some level.

I have worked as a receptionist for companies in the Thames Valley including Acuma in Ascot and Checkpoint Meto in Bracknell as well as for smaller, family run businesses in various locations.  So I’m familiar with different environments and the challenges of sitting on busy, fast paced corporate reception desks as well as finding the balance between intimacy and professionalism in smaller organisations.  I worked in customer facing roles from the age of 14 and have spent the last 17 years on the phone making outbound sales calls, so I’ve heard every response out there and know how to tackle every type of call.

Outside of my work for Ringhello I work as a life coach and mentor capacity with people helping them deal with life challenges, and manage and change their energies and attitudes towards situations with a range of different approaches and tools, including working with flower remedies to help people with confidence!

Having spent all of my working life on the phone, dealing with incoming enquiries as well as making outbound sales calls, I understand the approaches and techniques to help you feel secure, confident, successful and happy on the phone having taken myself through this challenge over the years.

Email for details.

I can help you feel better about picking up the phone!


For more information on fear I refer you to this blog post, and the amazing Will Smith!

Click here if you’re you a boss and want to know how you can help your team feel more confident on the phone.