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There are a tonne of Telemarketing agencies out there all offering services which are way above what a small business needs. Are you a smaller business and do you just want a hand to help you get more business? Do you want it done with a nice personal approach, by a freelancer who really cares?…
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14th September 2019 0

Why people really want telemarketing

Why people really want telemarketing – what a minefield! Leads. Of course people want leads, but those who are more forward thinking also stop to consider the other benefits they get from it. In a saturated market how are you going to reach new clients? This video explores why our clients tell us they really…
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12th September 2019 0

Handling Rejection if someone says “no” to you on the phone

Lots of people are scared to pick up the phone and speak to prospects because they’re not sure how to handle when someone says “no”.  Handling rejection is something that is really simple in reality but feels like a mountain when you’re faced with it. Especially when it’s for the calls you’re making for yourself.…
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20th February 2018 0

Hottest part of a flame is the blue part

Everyone wants more business. Ideally now. However all relationships take time to build and to find out if someone wants what you offer. As humans we associate blue with being cold, but if you look at a flame, the hottest part is the blue part. It’s the part of the blowtorch I use when I’m…
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13th February 2017 0

Did your last Telemarketing effort give you a bitter taste?

Sometimes our prospective clients come to us because they need help. We’re used to speaking to the wives of the Directors we’re talking to, so they can sound us out and see what they think of us. This is especially the case where a client feels they’ve been burned in the past by someone offering…
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9th February 2017 0

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