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How to do a cold call introduction

I’m often asked about how to do a cold call introduction.  A Telemarketing script is often devised for this which I personally think is evil. Every person on the phone has their own unique talents and can use this to really fly and succeed on the phone if they know how to harness it properly.…
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7th September 2019 0

Why a specialist is special

Have you ever asked yourself why a specialist is special? I mean, the clue is in the name but it does really mean something. It kinda makes sense that a specialist is viewed as special – it means they have a special area of expertise and in my line of work, trust me, this can…
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24th April 2019 0

How to stay positive when cold calling. Telemarketing Tips

I’m responding to a challenge on LinkedIn where I was asked how I manage to remain so damn enthusiastic and positive after all these years of cold calling, so 17 years now.  I can’t be the only person who does this role and enjoys it but it’s got me thinking that surely other people want…
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19th January 2018 0

Hottest part of a flame is the blue part

Everyone wants more business. Ideally now. However all relationships take time to build and to find out if someone wants what you offer. As humans we associate blue with being cold, but if you look at a flame, the hottest part is the blue part. It’s the part of the blowtorch I use when I’m…
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13th February 2017 0

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