High Value Sales

Is this your company?

You have a product or service with an individual sale value of several thousand pounds. You know that you want to get in front of household names, but don’t know how to do that. We are adept at doing so and have a proven track record, and very happy clients.  This means we’re also used to handling campaigns where the sales resulting from our leads are 6 to 7 figures, so the relationships often take time to develop and grow, then convert to meetings where there is genuine interest with the right people at the right companies and at the right time.

If a company is going to spend £200,000 on a solution, they need to be sure it is right for them. This means they have to have either already decided there’s a need for something (even if they don’t yet know what) or at the very least they have identified that the return on their investment is worth justifying finding the budget. Sometimes a company just needs to know you’re there so that as and when projects do come up they know who can help them out.

So how do you sell to these people? 

If you want to sell into that company, you understand that it is often the case that it takes a number of meetings and demonstrations to progress the sale to the point where you know that it is likely to happen – or indeed for you to reach the point where the company is prepared to accept a quote from you. You understand that on occasion it is necessary to progress through the company hierarchy, and that your first one or two meetings might involve a concept sell to junior staff. But without this, you will never get to meet with the decision makers and budget holders, to demonstrate to the board.

Telemarketing for clients with High Value Sales demands the ability to talk comfortably with people at all levels, from the receptionist to the C-level budget holders, and to maintain contact with multiple people at a company in order to progress a potential sale. It requires immediate credibility and a certain amount of autonomy, which help the campaign flourish.

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