When do you look for new business?

HONESTY TEST! At what stage do you think “I need to get more clients?” 1) When your business is going well, and you have a strong pipeline 2) When business is good, and there are a few people you know will work with you next year 3) When you have clients, you’re comfortable but know…
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30th August 2018 0

How telemarketing helps people who have invented their own product!

How telemarketing helps people who have invented their own product! Here is a genuine account of how telemarketing helps companies with a high sales product, usually small family businesses pr a couple of friends who have set up together. We love working with people just like you because you’re so passionate about what you do!…
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12th June 2018 0

Why you should call people on a Monday and Friday

This video dispels the myths around good and bad times to call prospects!

11th June 2018 0

Are all Telemarketers liars?

If a telemarketer or a telemarketing agency guarantees number of leads…you never know the quality…here’s why we GENUINELY can’t tell you how many leads we will get. We’re honest, not winging it and not going to spin you a line. I’m psychic (no really I am) but not THAT psychic!

8th June 2018 0

What happens in a Telemarketing Trial?

People want to try before they commit – we get that. Sometimes we have no idea if a campaign will work either which is why we carry out trials.  Too much honesty?  I believe it’s integrity!

8th June 2018 0

What actually happens when I train someone?

Are you in need of help to feel more confident on the phone? Here’s what really happens when I work with someone in my training work   

8th June 2018 0

How selling a product is different to selling a service.

Wanna know how selling a product is different to selling a service? https://buff.ly/2GP1ibh

11th April 2018 0

2 things that stop people picking up the phone

Whether it’s your business or you’re working for someone else…here are the two common reasons people feel scared to speak on the phone

3rd April 2018 0

Frustrated that your team aren’t getting the results you expect on the phone?

I work with a lot of people who work for their employer and part of their role is to make or take calls. The most common concern people have about this is that their boss is listening in. Especially if they’re new and learning the ropes – they understandably feel under pressure and it makes…
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3rd April 2018 0