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Inventor’s Month is here.

Have you had a real lightbulb moment and designed your own product? August is #Inventor’s Month. We know that it’s your baby and you’re proud of it, I’m proud enough when I do a painting I love but to create something new and unique for other people which changes business and their lives –…
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1st August 2020 0

World Wide Web Day

Today is World Wide Web Day (and world Scout scarf day too apparently) and I do wonder where we would be without it. My son is 3 and he knows how to tell Siri to play Harvey the Harvester on Youtube. It’s like something out of Star Trek, which I never believed would happen but…
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1st August 2020 0

How to feel better on the phone

This video tells you in basic terms, with no BS how I use my experience, my knowledge and personality (and a great chunk of intuition) to help you feel better on the phone and in your life in general! Please follow and like us:

5th May 2020 0

Tip for anyone making calls

This tip for anyone making calls, whether it’s a cold call, or a warm call or to a client. You’re human. Even if you make calls as a telemarketer, you’re human, not a telemarketer. We are all human and not what our job title says. We are PEOPLE. So when you’re speaking to other people…
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21st April 2020 0

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