Author: Janine Forder

On the forth day before Christmas, we shall give to thee…lots and loads of leads!

Today’s calls have resulted in 5 gooooood leads! I have written a number of blogs about it being utter rubbish that December is a bad time to call. Well to any naysayers my work today has just proved it. And I don’t mind shouting about it. For the client I am working for today, I…
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21st December 2011 0

GOOD Lead Generation is a complete package

Good lead generation isn’t just about making phone calls, it’s about following those up or preceding them with well thought out and well positioned emails. We’ve got copywriting experience, we even create new business proposals for our clients. “Having worked with RingHello since 2009, Janine and Simon are an extension to our team. Not only…
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21st December 2011 0

How to protect your intellectual property – things you say!

In this ever increasing world of social media, blogs and networking sites, are you concerned about intellectual property? We’ve noticed it ourselves and have had a few peoples blogs resemble ours once we’ve written them…but at least we can show we wrote it first! Also, it’s probably worth considering that telephone marketing / cold calling…
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20th December 2011 0

Our opinion on telemarketers generally

There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about telemarketing. There are wide boys, and the scripted ones. It’s just not the way to get results. I am probably one of the WORST people that a company can phone to try to sell something to. Those who are all fake and act like…
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19th December 2011 0

Book now for Jan – people we’re speaking to on the phone will be making decisions Q1 of 2012

We’re on the phone all day, every day. People we’re speaking to have got their thoughts cogs whirring now, planning and talking about plans and meetings, and the decisions on what they’ll be doing about these plans will be made in Jan through to March. If you DON’T have a plan about how to get…
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14th December 2011 0

New Year, new plans, new business

It’s that time of year again where people are gearing up for Christmas and planning their lives and businesses for the New Year. Whether you need data sorting, telemarketing, training, cold calling, appointment setting, proposals for new clients written, your website copy reworked, we have the skills to do this and more.  Give us a…
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13th December 2011 0

Does telemarketing get better returns than other forms? Yes, in our experience 48% better.

Want to know why WE are better? Read below. Post and email: It used to be that if you got a 1% response rate from a hard copy mailshot and a 2% response rate for an email shot then you had good results. This has all changed now according to friends of ours in the…
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29th November 2011 0

Proper research versus numbers game – it’s a no brainer and it pays off

We became freelancers because we felt we can “do it better” – rather than working for someone and becoming a drone who whacks out the calls willy nilly, we know that it’s far better to put the legwork in prior to a call to ensure you’re barking up the right tree. Companies are getting increasingly…
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17th November 2011 0

Do you ever actually call your networking contacts? It works!

Do you spend a lot of time networking (LinkedIn, Twitter, face to face events)? Do you actually ever follow up ALL of your networking leads with a view to getting new business from them? There is SO MUCH untapped potential in your LinkedIn Connections.  If you’re level 1 connections you’ll get phone numbers (where people…
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24th October 2011 0

If it’s “all about Social Media” nowadays then the telephone call will be a novelty soon, use it to your advantage!

I had a letter through the post recently that was hand written. It was nice, I felt special to get it…I mean, who sends personalised letters nowadays? It was a marketing letter – clever them. I’m all for Social Media, but wonder how long it’ll be before getting a phone call from someone instils the…
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18th October 2011 0

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