Author: Janine Forder

Half term doesnt mean half work and half results from telemarketing

So far this week we’re working on a 35-56% outcome rate from calls. The average is around 50% normally. This is down to a few things: 1) we’ve got people’s DDIs. 2) We are bothering to follow up when we’re told people will actually be in so we’re making each call more effective. There is…
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15th February 2012 0

You don’t need to be resilient to be a telemarketer.

I’ve been to interviews (in the distant past now) where people say “so, if you speak to someone who’s rude, how do you respond” and there’s all this talk of having to be resilient as a telemarketer. I am going to stick my neck out here and say THAT’S NOT TRUE. FIRSTLY – If you’re…
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9th February 2012 0

A real example of a BAD telemarketing effort

I know we say telemarketing and sales are different, but at the end of the day it’s all just talking to people to get the right outcome. And we’ve been reminded of a typically sales guy. It’s so funny when you meet someone who does a similar role to you and they try to “play”…
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6th February 2012 0

If you wanted to meet with Richard Branson you wouldn’t start by meeting an Air Hostess

  We became freelancers because we felt we can “do it better” – rather than working for someone and becoming a drone who whacks out the calls willy nilly, we know that it’s far better to put the legwork in prior to a call to ensure you’re barking up the right tree. HOWEVER THIS DOES…
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25th January 2012 0

You can’t hear tone of voice in an email or online – why telemarketing beats social media…in our opinion

There are a couple of reasons picking up the phone to your prospects and doing decent telemarketing is better than purely using online mediums. For one, we’ve noticed you only need to belong to a LinkedIn or Facebook group for a week and you’ll see challenges, debates, questioning on posts where someone is misunderstood for…
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24th January 2012 0

Seriously, a receptionist involved in the decision process?

When you’re calling companies you want to get new business from, DON’T underestimate receptionists and PAs…or other people in the decision process who aren’t the decision maker. Decision process, what seriously, a receptionist?  Sometimes yes. If it’s a small company, for all you know she’s married to the boss. I’ve been a receptionist and I…
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21st January 2012 0

TPS Screening

TPS (Telephone Preference Service) is a function that allows companies and individuals to opt out of getting sales calls. It is essentially where people and companies register to say “I don’t want marketing calls”. And now companies who flout the law are being charged and fined for misconduct. And it’s about bloomin time! You run…
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18th January 2012 0

Can you estimate returns?

We often get asked by people what results we can expect to get from a freelance telemarketing or lead generation campaign. It’s impossible to tell. Yes, I know, honesty. Not often seen in this line of business. But it’s true. We don’t know how well placed your offering is to the people you take it…
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16th January 2012 0

it’s important that when you are carrying out telemarketing it’s seen as a campaign – an effort to achieve something.

I thought I’d write a bit about carrying out a telemarketing campaign. I use these words as it’s important that when you are carrying out telemarketing it’s seen as a campaign – an effort to achieve something. So, is it cold calling and telemarketing? Is it lead generation? Is it corporate Profiling? That’s up to…
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10th January 2012 0

2012 – The end of the world as we know it?

We have all heard the many horror stories about how the world is going to end in December; perhaps there will be a mass coronal ejection from the sun, perhaps Betelgeuse will go supernova, perhaps we will be hit by an asteroid, perhaps the polarity of the earth’s magnetic field will reverse and so on.…
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9th January 2012 0

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