Author: Janine Forder

There are a tonne of Telemarketing agencies out there all offering services which are way above what a small business needs. Are you a smaller business and do you just want a hand to help you get more business? Do you want it done with a nice personal approach, by a freelancer who really cares?…
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14th September 2019 0

Why people really want telemarketing

Why people really want telemarketing – what a minefield! Leads. Of course people want leads, but those who are more forward thinking also stop to consider the other benefits they get from it. In a saturated market how are you going to reach new clients? This video explores why our clients tell us they really…
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12th September 2019 0

What does a Telemarketing hat look like?

As a Telemarketer we need to wear many hats.  This video tells you how a telemarketer who is worth their salt can adapt and put on as many has as they need to. Here’s some examples to show you how adaptable you need to be if you’re a telemarketer or thinking of being one. Please…
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10th September 2019 0


What kind of people are Marketers and Telemarketers as opposed to Sales people? This video tells you all you need to know about sales people and marketing people that nobody really tells you. I’ve stripped it down so it’s basic and tells you the key differences between a telesales person and a telemarketing person. We’re…
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9th September 2019 0

How to do a cold call introduction

I’m often asked about how to do a cold call introduction.  A Telemarketing script is often devised for this which I personally think is evil. Every person on the phone has their own unique talents and can use this to really fly and succeed on the phone if they know how to harness it properly.…
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7th September 2019 0

Have you thought of using this brilliant marketing method?

Is it old? Is it new? Depends on how you look at it. #Telemarketing is a brilliant and well proven method to speak to key decision makers at your ideal target customer sites. No other method can be so direct. And there are new and better ways to do this “old style” marketing method. Thankfully…
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6th September 2019 0

We’re humans, we’re not Telemarketers.

This tip for anyone making calls, whether it’s a cold call, or a warm call or to a client.  You’re human. Even if you make calls as a telemarketer, you’re human, not a telemarketer. We are all human and not what our job title says. We are PEOPLE.  So when you’re speaking to other people…
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5th September 2019 0

Are you thinking of giving up on your sales pipeline, quitting your business and closing down?

This video tells you all about how you can successfully navigate the minefield of your sales pipeline. Are you so fed up with the way it’s all happening at the moment that you’re thinking of giving up on your sales pipeline, quitting your business and closing down? Sometimes it’s really disheartening to work for yourself and…
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4th September 2019 0

Ooh no. Don’t say that to people…

Why? It’s awful and you’ll pee them off.  In this short video I give you an example of one a bad intro on the phone.  Perhaps even one of the worst! The psychology of what you say to someone is fascinating and if you stop to consider the subconscious impact it could have on them, I…
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4th September 2019 0

Do you want to find out what your hidden strengths really are? From just one conversation?

for Then I can help you. This video tells you in basic terms, with no BS how I use my experience, my knowledge and personality (and a great chunk of intuition) to help you feel better on the phone and in your life in general! Everyone has strengths they didn’t know they had. Very few…
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4th September 2019 0

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