Author: Janine Forder

How to manage your time effectively so you make those calls you always intend to, but never do!

The number one reason people come to me to help with telemarketing is because they don’t ever find the time to make the calls themselves, because they find a million and one other things to do. This video helps you understand when you should make calls and how to handle your time management so you…
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14th March 2019 0

Who am I to offer telephone confidence training and mentoring? What skills make me qualified?

I’m often asked what I bring to the table and who I am by my prospective clients. I get it, they want to know what I look like, what experience I have, what qualifications I have and why they should use me to help them and their staff gel better and perform better on the…
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14th March 2019 0

What is a “Needs Analysis” and why it should be a normal part of EVERY business

This helpful video explains what a NEEDS ANALYSIS is, and how it’s used in a real life example in my business, and when and where you should use one too.    As a telemarketer we often get clients who are in a bit of a panic and want to get leads fast.  We tend to…
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13th March 2019 0

Why you should call your prospects in April and the Summer

This video tells you why April is a BRILLIANT month to be calling people if you want to get them as clients. And then it explores what happens next and why the Summer and coming months are the exact time to be proactive, and how to do that effectively. Please follow and like us:

13th March 2019 0

How to be enthusiastic in a job you hate

Do you think “I hate my job but I need to do it for the money”?  Enthusiasm is something our employers want us to bring to the table, especially if you’re in sales or marketing.  But how can you be enthusiastic when every morning you feel sad about going to work? Well this blog will tell…
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12th March 2019 0

How to sell products on the phone.

If you have a product you want to sell, the chances are you’re always thinking about how to sell it! Telemarketing is a great tool to help you speak to the people you want to target and to hear from their point of view how interested they are in your product, and the factors that…
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6th March 2019 0

Get decent meetings.

Are you getting leads at the moment but find the amount of legwork you need to do before and during the meeting is unacceptable?   Stop, get decent meetings instead. Change who you get your leads from…perhaps to someone who makes sure each lead fits your brief… now I wonder who that could be?  0800 009…
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27th February 2019 0

Why you SHOULD call people on a Monday Morning

Forget those telemarketing myths saying Monday morning is a bad time to call, it’s not true.     Please follow and like us:

27th February 2019 0

Why should you use telemarketing?

Often I am asked in this modern world with social media at our fingertips, why should I use telemarketing?  It’s a form of advertising that gathers information as well as puts your message out there. No other form of advertising can do this as well, getting information literally STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH. Telemarketing identifies…
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27th February 2019 0

The perfect introduction to use on the phone

Need to make calls and don’t know how to start? These sample introductions will help you with your introductions and help you to feel confident in approaching people on the phone. Please follow and like us:

15th January 2019 0

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