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Get confident on the phone – Webinars in September

I am so excited to be offering these webinars from September – if you want help to be confident on the phone then get in touch today!  Please follow and like us:

8th July 2019 0

Telemarketing for Cloud Security and Cloud Computing

Did you know that 80% of enterprises have adopted two or more public cloud infrastructure providers, and in fact nearly 2/3 are using three or more? With so many businesses of all shapes and sizes using cloud systems to run their business, it’s only right that the need for the technology to keep them and…
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14th May 2019 0

5 Top Tips on how to have a good summer in business

The sun is shining and it feels nice and toastie. But there are a lot of people who feel like business stops in the summer. They worry about how to keep the new leads coming in and how to ensure that everything continues and their business thrives. Well, here’s how to have a good summer…
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13th May 2019 0

Why a specialist is special

Have you ever asked yourself why a specialist is special? I mean, the clue is in the name but it does really mean something. It kinda makes sense that a specialist is viewed as special – it means they have a special area of expertise and in my line of work, trust me, this can…
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24th April 2019 0

Dispelling Telemarketing Myths

Well, someone has to dispel these telemarketing myths, and it may as well be me!  I’m the Queen of Telemarketing with a hive of freelance telemarketers working with me. I know enough about this business to know what works and what doesn’t and it drives me nuts that people have preconceptions which are based on…
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23rd April 2019 0

Don’t underestimate Personal Assistants and Receptionists

There are some very good reasons you just don’t underestimate Personal Assistants and Receptionists.  Actually come to that, you shouldn’t underestimate anyone. I went out for lunch today and the owner of the hotel was telling some guests all about the hassle she had with the local council not giving her the go-ahead for her…
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22nd April 2019 0

Throw out the Telemarketing Script!

There are a few reasons why a telemarketing script should not be used on calls. We’re on a mission to throw out the telemarketing script! There is no natural conversation you’d ever have with someone that relies on using a script. When you are calling someone you want to engage with them as rapidly as…
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21st April 2019 0

Common cold calling mistakes, and tips to avoid them!

Throughout the training work we do with clients, it’s come to light that there are some common cold calling mistakes.  Here’s what they are, and here is how to avoid them. Why shouldn’t you say this?  Why should you say that instead?  This will take those questions away for you! Mistake number 1: “How are…
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19th April 2019 0

Why Companies spend money in Spring

Have you asked yourself why companies spend money in Spring? Did you know that they do? Is it just a coincidence that new budgets are released in the spring and it’s when people start to plan their projects and growth for the next year? Nope, as humans we are driven by the seasons so it’s…
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19th April 2019 0

How to get ahead of the competition using telemarketing

Winning in business can be tough.  Sometimes you have to try really hard to beat your competition.  Being proactive and having a telemarketer to help you with that can really help you succeed. Sometimes the conditions are just right for you to be in front of the competition. But who have you got working for…
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18th April 2019 0

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