What We Use

The Usual Problem?

Many CRM systems are just not built for telemarketing.  Or even just calling your prospects on an ad hoc basis.  A cold calling system must maximise calling time, and make it easy to build a sales pipeline.  However most CRMs don’t.

Many of our clients complain that their sales staff find existing CRM systems cumbersome to use, and managers struggle to gain the clear oversight over how many times a prospect has been approached and the level of influence of the prospect e.g., decision maker or influencer.

Often times their existing systems require staff to have several windows open, or navigate several steps in order to update a contact name, telephone number, or record a call. This can unfortunately result in a lack of high value data not being recorded and patchy client contact records.

With her extensive experience in sales prospecting (or telemarketing if you will) for clients across many sectors, Ringhello’s Director Janine Forder developed her own calling system, utilised for clients on Ringhello telemarketing campaigns. Janine realised this system improved productivity enormously, was incredibly versatile and provided powerful and detailed reporting. However, the only limitation was that it could not be accessed remotely, meaning only Ringhello’s management could use it from their office.

The Solution

We got creative!  As the business expanded, we realised that Ringhello needed a system that both our team, and clients could access remotely, and so we linked up with Plexus Media – an amazing developer to enable the our sales-focused calling system to be set-up remotely allowing multiple access points.

The Ringhello calling system provides more usability than many CRM systems designed to process sales, because it was built to allow quick and easy call recording, and makes it easy to develop pipelines, and most importantly see what’s going on!

Everyone who uses the system says similar things along the lines of…

That’s so straightforward and logical to use.  It just makes sense.


The Ringhello Call Management System for our clients:

Our calling system gives you (as a client) live overviews of some aspects of the campaign, and you can liaise directly with your freelance telemarketer to discuss meetings. You are able to download your own appointment sheets, and have visibility of campaign progress.  There’s the facility for you to chat to your telemarketer online about leads, and provide feedback on all the appointments we generate for you.

The level of visibility as a client varies depending on the Telemarketing Package you have chosen. Wouldn’t it be great to see who is in your sales pipeline and when they’re due a callback? Wouldn’t that help you feel more optimistic about your business? We show you that.

We know that our calling system is totally unique. It is designed by telemarketers for telemarketers who understand what needs to be recorded when cold calling and telemarketing, and that is something no other system can offer!