How to feel better on the phone

This video tells you in basic terms, with no BS how I use my experience, my knowledge and personality (and a great chunk of intuition) to help you feel better on the phone and in your life in general!

5th May 2020 0

Tip for anyone making calls

This tip for anyone making calls, whether it’s a cold call, or a warm call or to a client. You’re human. Even if you make calls as a telemarketer, you’re human, not a telemarketer. We are all human and not what our job title says. We are PEOPLE. So when you’re speaking to other people…
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21st April 2020 0

I can sort your LinkedIn profile for out you.

I’m branching out. I was meditating last night (yes i do that) and this idea came to me. I LOVE creating content for people to use on LinkedIn. I love creating posts, videos, pulling apart their rubbish profiles and helping them rebuild them into something better (come on a lot of you out there know…
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9th April 2020 0