in a hurry for sales leads?

It’s absolutely OK to ask people to do things properly. If they don’t want to then you have to ask how seriously they take their own business. If we get a client who comes to us in a #panic about getting new leads instantly we tend to tread with caution. The honest truth is those…
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14th January 2020 0

Don’t hibernate, plan now

Even when things feel bleak outside, there’s always someone out there with something to offer you. Business carries on in the winter, it’s not all slim pickings either. What you need is a strategy and a decent plan as to how you’re going to get more business and get your name out there and we’re…
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12th January 2020 0

How to be authentic on the phone – a guide on how to sound on the phone

You do not need to put on a persona to pick up the phone. You can be authentic even when you’re a telemarketer 😉 Really. We all have our posh phone voice, that’s normal and you need no further level of persona than this (if at all). I learned the hard way that each person…
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3rd January 2020 0

Affordable Telemarketing for SMEs

If you’re a small business and just want some help getting in touch with people and generating leads, we’ve developed this package so we offer Affordable Telemarketing for SMEs. It’s 8 hours a month (split as 2 hours per week) so you appear to be consistently getting in touch with people but the rate is…
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19th December 2019 0