World Wide Web Day

1st August 2020 Uncategorised 0

Today is World Wide Web Day (and world Scout scarf day too apparently) and I do wonder where we would be without it. My son is 3 and he knows how to tell Siri to play Harvey the Harvester on Youtube. It’s like something out of Star Trek, which I never believed would happen but a friend assured me it all would. And it has!

If you’re online reading this now then you’re already apparently celebrating it. I love having the benefits of the web, its research capabilities are amazing. It’s also full of a lot of guff and I know how much I love to not have any connection at all at weekends so I can be fully present with my family.

This life/work balance really matters to me, my self esteem, my mental health and my performance.

Do you find the time to both celebrate and step back from the web?

Is the idea of switching off completely alien to you?


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