Why a specialist is special

24th April 2019 Uncategorised 0

Have you ever asked yourself why a specialist is special? I mean, the clue is in the name but it does really mean something.

It kinda makes sense that a specialist is viewed as special – it means they have a special area of expertise and in my line of work, trust me, this can make or break a telemarketing campaign.

You have to have someone who sounds like they know what they’re talking about when they’re introducing your product to your prospects.  If they don’t, they won’t get the message across and you’ll waste your money.

It’s also really is down to confidence.  There’s a distinct sense of satisfaction when you’re calling target markets and you just know the way they work.  This makes a telemarketer sound confident on the phone, which assures the prospect that they’re speaking to someone knowledgeable. Because they are.

For example, when you know a sector inside out, you know how to get to speak to the people we need to.  More importantly, you know the right level to pitch the call, the kind of language you need to use, the tone of voice, the TLAs (three letter acronyms) which they love (but that could completely throw a novice). It’s all that stuff you learn over time and absorb into your whole being, let alone your brain and mouth!

For us at ringhello, the joy of being a collaboration of freelancers is we have a lot of people with a lot of skills (check out our team here) so whenever we get a client come to us, we can help them with their project as we’re bound to have one of our special team who are a good fit.

We have a careful screening process, and we are sticklers for making sure we all share the same ethos so it works for us to work together, share our skills, teach each other, and pass work between us.  It’s how freelancers live.

Also, there’s a sense when you’re a specialist that you FEEL SPECIAL.  We have a sense of pride in what we do, because there’s all this experience which just kicks into place when we’re on the phone; so it doesn’t form part of our “prompt sheet” as it’s in our heads…

This is all part of the real reason that we hate using telemarketing scripts – why have something written there for you to follow that you should be doing naturally if you have the experience?

Do you have a specialist to help you?  Maybe you need one – get in touch 

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