Dispelling Telemarketing Myths

23rd April 2019 Uncategorised 0

Well, someone has to dispel these telemarketing myths, and it may as well be me!  I’m the Queen of Telemarketing with a hive of freelance telemarketers working with me.

I know enough about this business to know what works and what doesn’t and it drives me nuts that people have preconceptions which are based on nothing but thin air.

So here are some Telemarketing Myths and how they can be dispelled!

CALLING ON A MONDAY MORNING – Better than you think.  If you’re having trouble getting past a receptionist, a Monday morning can be a good time to call, especially if you have a security guard on.  Most people are in before 9, apart from receptionists (I was one for a good few years) who are often having to set up meeting rooms etc, and switch the phones over at 9.

Also if you have direct dials and mobile numbers then it can be good to call people before they start, you can even get an ice breaker like “my God, you’re keen” from the person you are calling which all helps the relationship building process.  Plus if you have those numbers (mobiles, direct dials) then the chances are this is not a cold call but a relationship building follow up.  Telemarketing is a multi-faceted thing!

CALLING IN THE SUMMERTIME – Weirdly for some campaigns, calling in school holidays can definitely work in your favour. This is not an excuse, it’s fact. For example, if you’re calling IT teams it’s great – they aren’t having to look after as many users, and they tend to be freer to talk. Even if it’s the case they’re manning the whole section single handedly, they’ll tell you when they’ll meet and you can have a good discussion with them.

Also “gatekeepers” can be on holiday, and temps who don’t know the policies for putting calls through are in. You also can’t underestimate the quality of information you get from out of the office email responses! You’ll get contact names you have been trying all year to get in a simple email, often with full contact details. In fact on one of my campaigns I always incorporate emails into my calls so I can get these new names!

CALLING ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON OR NEAR A HOLIDAY – People are on wind-down. Most people have a mobile, so if they are out of the office then you’ll still get them. Also people do tend to be freer to speak to you then and more approachable as they’re looking forward to time off.  Sometimes it’s slow in an office on a Friday so the phone ringing is a welcome distraction from Solitaire (based on experience!)

CHRISTMAS TIME – A great time to call, people are generally doing 1 of 2 things. Winding down and/or preparing projects for the following year, either way I’ve set more meetings for January in December, and have traditionally had December as one of my best months for calling in terms of generating leads and results. Budgets are being thought of, plans are being made, and people have more time to talk.

The trick is to know your market, and make sure you call at the right time. For example, if you’re calling Norway Oil companies, you can start at 7, meaning you can finish earlier and enjoy the sunshine too.

What else do you think about Telemarketing?  Go on, try us, we’d love to hear what you think hello@ringhello.co.uk

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