Don’t underestimate Personal Assistants and Receptionists

22nd April 2019 Uncategorised 0

There are some very good reasons you just don’t underestimate Personal Assistants and Receptionists.  Actually come to that, you shouldn’t underestimate anyone.

I went out for lunch today and the owner of the hotel was telling some guests all about the hassle she had with the local council not giving her the go-ahead for her plans.

She had no idea who the people were she was speaking to, and for all she knew, WE could have been the people she was talking about.

My point being, you never know how well connected or influential people are, so best watch your mouth!

As a collaboration of freelancers, we’ve carried out a variety of roles in the past and we really do understand how important it is to ensure you keep receptionists and PAs working for and with you.

Yes, they are told to deflect you, they are also told what may be of interest.  So ask them. They may just tell you.

We’ve worked with people who have said “don’t bother emailing a PA if you’re asked to, it’s pointless” but we’ve also proved it’s not.

Let’s say that most people don’t bother, so they’re not totally inundated with emails following up conversations they’ve had with people. This means your email is more likely to get read. Not only that, they will show it to their Manager or Director. It’s either a case then of them being interested or not.

For example only recently we had to email a PA to “pass around the team”, next thing we get is an email back confirming a meeting date for a large university which have an active interest in what we were promoting. Its now with the client who has met with the prospect, and is progressing and putting in quotes. We’ve also had straight orders (high value ones too) in response to such emails to PAs.

So the point is, change how you view them.  DO NOT see them as gatekeepers to be got around, but rather as human beings who will help you in your cause if it really is relevant. Pas often manage their manager’s entire social calendar, buying cards for the wife, this is not a generalisation, it’s our experience, and they are more powerful than a lot of people give them credit for. They’re who stands between you and the person who makes the decision, but you have to get them on side before you can even get to the guy you need.

Also, and we find this especially on IT campaigns, it’s down to other people, Administrators, PAs etc to do the legwork, in order to then take to the decision makers so they can do just that – make a decision only, and say “yep, let’s go for that”.

So although a good sale has the go ahead from the decision maker, a good lead can often involve people you’d normally deem to be “lower down the chain”.

If you have this knowledge and use it, then you will succeed.

Thanks for reading!

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