Throw out the Telemarketing Script!

21st April 2019 News 0

There are a few reasons why a telemarketing script should not be used on calls.

We’re on a mission to throw out the telemarketing script!

There is no natural conversation you’d ever have with someone that relies on using a script.

When you are calling someone you want to engage with them as rapidly as possible to gauge their interest in what you’re offering.

You cannot hold a conversation with someone following a script.

You can talk AT them, but a script leaves no room for holding a conversation WITH someone.

Let’s look at some of the other reasons telemarketing scripts are not effective:

  • No two conversations are EVER the same.
  • The aim of telemarketing is NOT to control or manipulate the other person.  You cannot control the other person, their mood, their pressures, their demeanour. Just you.
  • A script will leave you more flummoxed than allowing the conversation to flow.  A script tries to force you into saying certain things in response to what someone says to you.  Well what if they don’t say it? Then what?
  • People are feeling bombarded.  There’s so much “stuff” out there for people to read advertising is everywhere. The last thing they need is someone phoning them up to broadcast more messages at them.

scrap paper





If you’d like to know how you can still make telemarketing calls without a script then we offer consultancy to help with this. We have alternatives to suggest (proper preparation and creation of a prompt sheet).  We can talk you through this or do it for you for a one off fee of £425 which includes 3 hours of support afterwards.


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