Common cold calling mistakes, and tips to avoid them!

19th April 2019 News 0

Throughout the training work we do with clients, it’s come to light that there are some common cold calling mistakes.  Here’s what they are, and here is how to avoid them. Why shouldn’t you say this?  Why should you say that instead?  This will take those questions away for you!

Mistake number 1: “How are you today?” don’t you hate it when you get a call from a company and the person on the other end is over friendly, asking how you are. It gets our goat. It’s too impersonal on a first call, and makes me think “what do you care”.

When is it okay? If you’ve built up a relationship and IF the prospect seems to know who you are then that’s different and appropriate.

Mistake number 2: “Is that Joe Bloggs?” it’s rude once you’ve asked to go through to the person you think is the right contact to start an interrogation before you’ve told them who you are.

Why is this important? It’s polite and necessary to introduce yourself first, then check they’re the right person. It doesn’t actually take more time as usually the first question they’ll ask if you don’t tell them is “who are you” – it’s all about how you come across in those first precious seconds.

Mistake number 3: “urr, can I please speak to urrrrrr Mrs Forder?” Sometimes telemarketers get distracted and I’ve seen lots of people do it. If you’re not concentrating on who you’re calling then you get flummoxed when someone answers whilst you look to find the right information. I appreciate that there are autodialing softwares for call centres, and in this case it’s deemed unavoidable – you have to wait for the screen to catch up to the call, however, surely then it makes sense to do what we suggested in point 2 – introduce yourself first whilst you’re waiting for the system to tell you who it’s dialled.
Why is this a good idea? Because you’re not making the prospect feel like “just another one on the list” and let’s face it, nobody uses “we treat all our customers like they’re part of a larger bunch” as a marketing ploy do they?

Mistake number 4: Mentioning your credentials in your introduction. People want to know why you’re calling them. They’re busy, they get a lot of sales calls and you need to stand out and tell them what you offer, and quickly. Prospects don’t listen to or take in information about your credentials in your introduction. If they open up then you should incorporate it as part of your conversation, because they’ll then take it in. If it’s in the intro, then it’s another impersonal “sales pitch” to them.

Mistake Number 5: Using scripts. Scripts are evil! You need to know about your offering enough to have a detailed conversation with the prospect, and be able to respond to their questions and statements, and without feeling lost if the conversation deviates from the “path” you’ve laid on in your script. Every call IS different, treat it so. Prompts are useful but an “if yes go to 2a, if no go to 3 is hard to follow and is not conducive to a nice succinct call!

Want more tips? Contact us for details.

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