Pushy Sales People never really win

28th March 2019 Uncategorised 0

Yep, a bold statement – pushy sales people never win.  But here’s why.

Part of the thing of not being a pushy salesperson or pushy telemarketer, but being a good one means that if someone is genuinely interested then they will get back in touch.  I’ve seen it happen so many times in previous roles where a salesperson tries to push someone to buy and the prospect drops all contact because they feel their wishes are not listened to and frankly the sales person has pissed them off.  I’ve worked for some clients where the contact we’re making meetings for is that pushy and had that feedback and had to subtly tell them they need to back off and then they’ll win the deal, but if that sort of thing is in their blood then they don’t ever listen.

Listening and not pushing is something we pride ourselves on and it’s also true when it comes to managing our own pipeline of people interested in our freelance telemarketing services.  It has been the case that we’ve put in proposals for work and never heard from the prospect again. We’ve tried following it up, but we didn’t hear back at all. So we try a few times then don’t bother after about 5 attempts.  Because for whatever reason they’re not interested and they didnt feel they could tell us why.  That’s ok. We’re used to that in our job.  It’s also good to understand why but it doesn’t always mean they’re lost and gone forever.

In fact, sometimes when people fall off the planet, they come back.  It happens a lot!  Sometimes even a couple of years later, so we’re obviously making the right impact. The thing is, whilst we’re used to being told people aren’t interested from the campaigns we do, there are a lot of people who would employ our services who are not comfortable in being honest and saying “sorry, but we’re not interested”. Again, it’s a case of don’t push them. However, because it’s like water off a duck’s back to us, we can sometimes see the lack of follow up contact as a bit of rudeness, but it’s not the case really is it?

Sometimes people don’t like saying things they think are negative. From any presales or salesperson’s point of view, it’s better to have an answer either way than be left in limbo.

This is why our direct approach on the phone works well. The bottom line of any campaign is actually that people are either interested or they’re not. Yep we know about all the information gathering and the pipeline qualification and some persuasion, to us that’s standard as part of what we do, but they either have a want or need (or will be willing to understand where they might) or they don’t. Sometimes if you’re following something up it can come across as nagging or pressurising them.

Find the right balance, use your intuition but as a guideline, if you’ve tried and left messages or contacted 5 times over a reasonable period of time, then you need to leave it a couple of months then try again.

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