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28th March 2019 Uncategorised 0

What is it like being a freelance telemarketer?

We became freelancers because we felt we can “do it better”.

We like to think we’re clever people so rather than working for someone and becoming a drone who whacks out the calls without having to use our brains, we wanted to do the work we’re good at, in our way, PROPERLY – the only way we know how. (yeah, you try living with someone who’s as picky, sorry conscientious as you are)!

But it makes for a good service, and a proper job, and it’s something which has literally always been on our school reports…and we can prove it!) We know that it’s far better to put the legwork in prior to a call to ensure you’re barking up the right tree.

There’s no getting around 2 facts:

1) companies are getting increasingly more secretive about giving staff names out and

2) individuals are putting their own information all over the internet (popular networking sites, that sort of thing).

So it’s better to be prepared before you call. Know about the company, know what they do as there’s always one who says “do you know what our company does, and how this relates?” it’s best to say “yes” than look like a muppet.  The other thing you can do is to prove by your introduction that you know how what your offering can benefit their sector. But its more than that. It’s also about finding the right contact at the right company, and if not, someone who is close enough to be able to put you through to them.

Conscientious is a posh word for picky but we love it, it’s what we are, it really is inherent and we’re not about to stop!

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