When to call a prospect back

28th March 2019 Uncategorised 0

Do you think it’s important to call someone back when they request it or do you work around you?  Well here’s some advice on when to call a prospect back.

We think it’s vital that if you say you will call someone back at a particular time, that you do. Even if we’re working for another client, we’ll set the odd callback if we’re asked.

The reason we advocate doing this and not just lumping them into the next day of calling for that client is because people by and large tend to remember us when we call. It’s down to the approach we use and our friendly nature.

We don’t get peoples backs up but we instead cut to the chase, they learn to trust us, even have a nice chat sometimes with us.

So, if they remember us when we do call back, they will sure enough remember if we don’t call them when we say we do. To clarify, we are talking about the odd call here and there. E.g. someone I’ve been progressing who has said they need to chat to a colleague prior to a meeting being arranged – it’s common sense to call them when they’ve asked for it.

By no means will we ever call for more than one client on one day, each client gets a dedicated amount of time each month where we call for them, apart from the odd callbacks. It doesn’t interfere with our reports as we still make sure they come to you with the full information on. We’re fortunate in that the clients we have are understanding and realise what helps make a good job.

Remember, you want to sell to them, so you have to play by their rules. Get rid of that pushy mentality (if you have it) and don’t feel that if they are interested enough they’ll come to you. Find the balance. Be polite, and call back when you say you will. It’s good manners again….


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