A telemarketing campaign

28th March 2019 Uncategorised 0

I thought I’d write a bit about carrying out a telemarketing campaign.

I use these words as it’s important that when you are carrying out telemarketing it’s seen as a campaign – an effort to achieve something. It’s best to have a goal.

I am not talking about “I want to get 24 appointments in 3 days” I am talking about

“I want to ensure I’ve called all the people in the local area, who are in this sector, so they know who I am, and have my information in front of 50% of them”

It’s critical to the success of telemarketing to make sure you have GOALS (I really can’t say it enough).

As we’ve said in other blogs, you can’t treat telemarketing and lead generation as you would a commission based sales role. It’s black or white. It’s the role of a telemarketer to

a) introduce the company to your prospects and

b) assess a need and

c) get your salespeople (or you if it’s just you,) in the door.

We often get asked by people what results we can expect to get. It’s impossible to tell. We don’t know how well placed your offering is to the people you take it to, part of the goal setting should be to find that out. If we did the telemarketing for you, we’d do this as part of the job. If you want us to help you sort out a campaign we’ll do it as part of that.

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