Who am I to offer telephone confidence training and mentoring? What skills make me qualified?

14th March 2019 Uncategorised 0

I’m often asked what I bring to the table and who I am by my prospective clients. I get it, they want to know what I look like, what experience I have, what qualifications I have and why they should use me to help them and their staff gel better and perform better on the phone. So here’s a short video to tell you about me.

Who am I to offer telephone confidence training and mentoring? What skills make me qualified? Watch to find out or read on.

I studied Psychology at university, and carried our peer mentoring and counselling at school as part of the UK’s first initiative within schools so I’ve always been involved in helping people feel better on some level.

I have worked as a receptionist for companies in the Thames Valley including Acuma in Ascot and Checkpoint Meto in Bracknell as well as for smaller, family run businesses in various locations. ┬áSo I’m familiar with different environments and the challenges of sitting on busy, fast paced corporate reception desks as well as finding the balance between intimacy and professionalism in smaller organisations.

Outside of my work for Ringhello I work as a life coach and mentor capacity with people helping them deal with life challenges, and manage and change their energies and attitudes towards situations with a range of different approaches and tools, including working with flower remedies to help people with confidence!

Having spent all of my working life on the phone, dealing with incoming enquiries as well as making outbound sales calls, I understand the approaches and techniques to help you feel secure, confident, successful and happy on the phone having taken myself through this challenge over the years.

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