How to sell products on the phone.

6th March 2019 Uncategorised 0
If you have a product you want to sell, the chances are you’re always thinking about how to sell it!

Telemarketing is a great tool to help you speak to the people you want to target and to hear from their point of view how interested they are in your product, and the factors that influence their choices.  So let’s look at those, and how to sell products on the phone.

When you have a great product, you have oodles of enthusiasm (and likely blood, sweat and tears).  It’s easy to believe that if you can just get the prospect to listen they’ll absolutely love it and chew your hand off.  But with big projects that’s just not realistic.

You have to factor in the prospects’ calendars, budgets, and the priorities they’re already dealing with.  You only find that out by talking to them on the phone, and that’s before you get to the bit where you can sell to them.

You have to step inside your customers shoes and see things from their viewpoint.

And there is no exact timescale for how long these things take.

Sometimes things move quickly. Sometimes projects can take a fair while to come to fruition. Especially if multiple stake holders are involved, and it requires approval of budgets.  So you need to be patient.

The only way to know all of the above is to build a relationship and stay in communication.

THAT is how telemarketing works to help you sell products.  By being persistent, professional, following up when you say you will and knowing what to ask and how to communicate with people to find out what they plan to do and when they’ll need you.

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