Why should you use telemarketing?

27th February 2019 Uncategorised 0

Often I am asked in this modern world with social media at our fingertips, why should I use telemarketing?  It’s a form of advertising that gathers information as well as puts your message out there. No other form of advertising can do this as well, getting information literally STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH.

Telemarketing identifies who is interested in working with you MUCH earlier on in the sales (and often decision) process.

Why does this matter I pretend I hear you ask?!

By speaking to someone you identify when they will want to talk to you, when they will have a project, how interested they are in what you offer.

With social media, people only tend to interact when they are close to or have already made a decision.

That’s great in terms of immediate leads, but not great at building a sales pipeline – an overview of future potential business.

Most of us business owners want more security than just those immediate wins. We like to see what is out there, do some future planning, feel secure in our business.

What about you?

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