How a Sales Pipeline works

15th November 2018 Uncategorised 0

This is a great image to show the process of getting sales leads and how a sales pipeline works.

You find out who is interested, at various times in the relationship building the leads are hotter or colder depending on so many factors, but you keep them in sight, you track how you’re getting on with them.

You watch as management throw a spanner in the works and sometimes they deviate a bit from the original path, but you’re keeping in touch with them enough to know that they’re still interested, how interested and that they’re still on track for the final end goal!  If you keep in touch with people enough, you’ll be in the running to work with them and you’ll also get to see their project evolve, and hopefully also have a critical input into their decisions. It’s not just about finding out who has what and when it’s up for renewal – telemarketing can and SHOULD BE so much more than that!

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