Why are your staff nervous to take work calls in front of you?

3rd April 2018 Uncategorised 0

Have you ever wondered why your staff are nervous to take work calls in front of you?  Or worse – MAKE THEM!

From my training work with people, I can tell you that the most common concern people have about this is that their boss is listening in. Especially if they’re new and learning the ropes – they understandably feel under pressure and it makes them nervous and messes up their approach on the phone.

Let me explain this in more depth:

When we are relaxed and happy we release Oxytocin – the happy hormone. This helps us feel more calm and confident – which is perfect if you’re speaking to people on the phone as it makes them feel you know what you’re talking about and you’re nice and friendly to speak to.

If you feel watched, it’s akin to an Antelope being watched by a lion! The Adrenalin kicks in as they decide whether to run away, fight or freeze. It’s much the same on the phone whether you’re being watched or if you’re waiting for someone to pick up the phone – when they do, the Adrenalin kicks in and then you…

“just freeze and turn into a bumbling mumbling fool.”

As one of my clients said to me recently. So if you notice your team pop off to make calls, I’ve even known people go to their cars to make their telemarketing calls, perhaps have a think about how you can best support them to feel confident and comfortable so they remain calm and happy. I can help if you’d like a nudge.

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