Frustrated that your team aren’t getting the results you expect on the phone?

3rd April 2018 Uncategorised 0

I work with a lot of people who work for their employer and part of their role is to make or take calls.

The most common concern people have about this is that their boss is listening in. Especially if they’re new and learning the ropes – they understandably feel under pressure and it makes them nervous and messes up their approach on the phone.

4 things you can do as a boss to help your staff:

1. Let them go into a private room to make the calls so they can find their stride. Do not record them, do not interrupt them and do not listen in.

2. Talk to me after I’ve given them some pointers and mentoring. Often I work more with the employers that have got me on board to help their team than I do with their team – because they need to manage their expectations and they listen to me more than they do a new starter. If I find something in the approach that I think needs to alter, they respect my experience and listen to me. The idea may have come from the team but I act as an advocate. I always make sure the team get credit!

3. Make sure your expectations are realistic and based on fact, not hope. I worked with someone who expected their team to convert 90% of their incoming enquiries. I asked the Manager what their personal conversion rate was – they didn’t know so I encouraged them to record it – turned out it was 60% so now that’s what he expects from his team.

4. Don’t pick up on what they say on every call. This knocks ther confidence and also you’re not listening to both sides of the conversation. They may be responding entirely appropriately to the person they’re speaking to. If you’re not confident on picking them up on things, get me to talk to them too, I’ll act as YOUR advocate in that case and it keeps your relationship working well, with mutual respect. I know how to put things to people so they don’t feel upset with the way I raise a “learning point” with them.

Tell me about your experiences getting your team to pick up the phone. What happened? How did it pan out? Where did you not feel confident?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your responses!



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