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We’ve had some feedback from a prospective client that they went elsewhere (with a freelance telemarketer) because she was half the price of us.  This prompted the question as to why we’re more expensive.  I don’t know who he went to use and I don’t know their background or approach but here’s some of the benefits of using us and an explanation about who we are. For starters, we are Freelance Telemarketers with a difference.  That difference is we work under the banner of Ringhello Ltd.  We are proud to be different, we think we’re better, our happy clients think we’re better and we love the work we do. But here’s a bit more on why and HOW we are different and why you will be paying a bit more but why we’re worth every penny.

  1. We are a collection of freelancers all working under one banner. This means that we have the same ethos and dedication to producing quality work and good results (here’s what our clients say)  We all feel the same about the work we do so it made sense to join forces.
  2. We are NOT an agency – we are all experienced telemarketers with a great deal of passion for the work we do. You won’t get any temps with us.  If anything happens and you need someone else on your campaign we make the changeover seamless. If you had one person and they got ill, that would mean your work stopped.
  3. We always work as part of our client’s company when we call.  We feel we have the perfect mix of that freelancer ethos, with the professionalism of a Limited company. 
  4. We don’t work on excel which is messy and easily gets out of control – we have invested in a custom built CRM system that makes calling quick and easy and gives our clients really easy to see reports like these. As freelancers we know you need to see what work we’re doing and the results we get, as well as needing to easily access the lead sheets when we get you a meeting.
  5. We have the backing and guidance of Janine and Simon. Janine has been a telemarketer since 2001 and she creates the prompt sheets we use on calls to make sure we’ve got the best approach.  She trains us all up on the campaigns we work on for clients and is our go to guru if we ever need support, and we keep in touch with her every day to make sure we’re ALL happy with the progress. She also can train you too and sort out your internal telemarketing strategy if you need help. 
  6. We are specialists at calling large companies for our clients with higher sales value projects.  This is far more in depth than whacking out the calls to hundreds of people to flog them broadband!
  7. We are GREAT on the phone but don’t always like doing all the admin stuff that comes with this job, so working with Ringhello means we don’t have to get involved in all that guff and can get on and focus on the things we’re great at – calling and getting leads!  

Hopefully that goes some way to explaining why Ringhello is set up the way it is, and why we as freelancers want to work for Ringhello.

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