My experience: Telemarketing so far!

21st February 2018 Uncategorised 0

When people ask me ‘what do you do?’ I take a breath and say ‘I’m freelance telemarketer.’ I look at them, gauge their reaction, and know they are thinking, I am a cold calling pain, who works for a shady organisation, bullying poor defenseless people, into buying something  awful like insurance, that they really do not need! I also see a quizzical look at the word ‘freelance,’ hum they think – so you work from home? How can this be?  A lot of people think telemarketing is like a boiler room operation. Or that we’re out to scam people over the phone. We’re definitely not scamming anyone, and it’s like any other sales job, only it’s over the phone. So what his my experience: Telemarketing so far!?

Whilst it is true, I do phone a lot of people. I also spend a great deal of time sitting and staring at a screen of never ending numbers.  Sometimes overwhelmed by the amount I have to call. I do manage to do it all from the comfort of my own home.  An endless supply of coffee, to match the endless supply of numbers! Company from my wonderful golden retriever, and peace of mind, knowing I am home for my three children. It slots in perfectly around my busy life.

I do off course have moments, where I feel I cannot possibly ring another number.  The feeling of constant rejection can be tough. I have to approach each call with a fresh and happy persona.  Even when the last call, had me almost in tears. People will be rude to you. You can’t take it personally. You have to let it go, and think ‘right, on to the next call’ and get on with the job. The more calls you make, the more successful you will be.  You do learn quickly to be less sensitive, and realise you must have caught them at a rough time. People are just people.

When I am trying to sell something over the phone, the person on the other end doesn’t know who I am; they don’t know anything about our company or the company I am phoning for. I really did struggle to begin with. I worried about letting my company down, and also about sounding like a right idiot on the phone! It took me a while to build my confidence. I have learnt a lot from talking to colleges about how to build my confidence, how they pitch a call, and what works for them.  It can be frustrating when you know you’re not getting the meetings but your colleges are. The best thing is to just ask for advice.

As it is with any job, it is the people you work with that make or break it. A good team makes for happy people, and let’s face it an easier life. I can honestly say working for Ringhello is a joy!  We all get along well, can totally rely on each other, and have great trust in one another. There is always that feeling of a team effort, we all pull together and help get the job done!

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