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This is a little video on what to do if you’re told there’s a no names policy when you call.  There are ways to get around a no names policy on the phone and this helps explain how!

Perfect example of a lead – I’ve been talking to a prospect for a year, and the gentleman that I called for, that I’ve spoken with lots has just recently retired.  I phoned for him, ended up speaking with one of his colleagues, was told I was being put through to him, didn’t get through as their phone system was down, he actually phoned me back on my mobile because my number shows that I’m calling from my mobile, and we had a conversation.  He said, “Okay, the person you need is this lady here (let’s call her Jenny).”

I spoke with Jenny today, when I told her who I was calling for (as in who my client is and the company that I’m working from), she said, “Okay, this is great, because we’ve got a stupid no names policy here I can’t tell you who we need but I do know we’re looking so plead do email me and I will forward your email on and we’ll get a meeting arranged.”  So, I’ve done all that and I’m pretty sure that’s is going to happen, it’s all too good a past relationship to build on, but how am I going to ensure that we get in there; I’m going to keep speaking to her.

They might have a no names policy, but the fact remains, when I called for the guy that’s retired, I was already given another guy’s name; he then gave me her name.  So, yes, although there’s a policy in place, not everybody adheres to it.  So just keep talking to people in the right department.  The other thing you can do is to look on LinkedIn to see who looks like they’re the right person to speak to and then you can say to them, “Oh, is it so and so? I promise not to tell them that you put me in their direction.” to prompt them.

You will be able to get the name; no names policies aren’t always enforced, especially if you offer the very thing that they’re looking for which, in this case, we do.

When I work for a client, it’s just like I become part of their team so it’s like a split personality disorder, but don’t be bullish.  You know this person isn’t going to make the decision, but they’re helping you, they’re forwarding emails and that might sound like a fob-off to some of you, but really, you’ve got to use your judgment.  In this case she got so animated “Please, email me!” she was begging me to email her, she wants to work with this guy.  So, that’s what I’m doing.  My point being, they’ve got a no names policy, it’s not that strict, you’ll always find a way in, but you might not always get past the receptionist; some companies you just won’t, but if you’ve got a direct dials, as I did in this case, and you’re speaking to the right people in the right departments, just be friendly, be honest about why you’re calling – if they’ve got a need, then they’ll put you in the right direction.  If they haven’t got a need, move onto the next record, it’s that simple.

I hope that’s helped some of you.  If you want more hints and tips, get in touch with me 0800 009 6250, follow me on LinkedIn or give me an email on, Janine@ringhello.co.uk.

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