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19th January 2018 Uncategorised 0

I am delighted to announce that Ringhello is international.  That means we now provide great international freelance telemarketers.  If you want to read about this carry on, if you would rather watch the video click here. 

We have a fabulous team member, Carrie, based in the USA; we have also a team member, Jennifer, based in France; we are building the team quite rapidly as the need for our business is increasing and growing this year and it’s great, it’s so nice to be able to say that we’re international because it started with me just being self-employed back in 2007, hubby joined forces with me in about 2012, and ever since then we’ve had Ringhello as a brand and been working as a limited company, certainly for a year or so, but we’ve been working under the brand Ringhello for ages, and do you know what, it feel so nice to know that even though we’re just a network of freelancers, working from home, doing telemarketing, but now we’re international and I’m really quite humbled by that.

I didn’t expect that at the start of this year that I’d be able to say that WE ARE INTERNATIONAL and I’m just so chuffed that we are growing and that I’ve got a good team behind me because here’s a little personal thing, I tried expanding my business years ago, but I didn’t know how to do it properly and I didn’t embrace it and I wouldn’t let go of the reins and it didn’t work because I was a control freak.

Over the last three or four years, I have learnt how to trust people, to know when to suss out a good team member, to know when to put the right person on the right campaign, and I love hearing on a conference call how a client interacts with one of the team because I just get that buzzy feeling of yes, I know I’ve done the right thing and I’m so grateful to everyone out there who has helped support me in every single way, so friends, clients, prospects, even just people I’ve spoken to and had conversations with both on the phone and also online.

You’ve really helped me, you’ve helped me grow, you’ve helped me realise my dreams and I’m feeling optimistic  about Ringhello and I just love the fact that we can now say that we’re international and help anybody in any country because it’s not just the UK that need calls, and quite often we call Europe anyway, but the fact that we’ve got this lovely girl who is now working for us and I’ve known her for years, on a personal level, she’s working and doing a cracking job for clients in America, is awesome.

So, if you need help or know anyone internationally that needs help, give us a call.  We’re a network of freelancers all working under a brand so that we have a professional CRM system that we log into and use that we’ve designed, and you, as a client, would get access to, but we maintain the ethos of being freelancers.  So, we’ve got that level of dedication to the job, integrity, transparency and honesty in the way that we work with you on a very individual basis.  So, get in touch; we’d love to hear from you.

Either give me a call, 0800 009 6250 or drop me an email, hello@ringhello.co.uk.

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