How Fear is like a Brick Wall

19th January 2018 Uncategorised 0

I’ve been training a lot of people recently to help them be more confident on the phone.  It all boils down to fear.  I can help you overcome your fear.  Now, I have had a nice morning out with a friend having coffee, and something she said has led me to do this video.  She was mentioning how she thinks she needs help from me on how to be confident on the phone, and the words she said were along the lines of,

“Because I find when I’m talking to people, I just fumble my words, I get nervous, I don’t know what to say and I worry that I’m not saying the right thing and I want to make sure that everything’s right and I find it easier to do that if I’m emailing them, but people want call me sometimes and I dread it.”

That kind of thing is quite typical, I hear that a lot from a lot of people and what I do with the training work that I help people with is we look on a quite personal level where because of the skills I have and my background outside of my work for Ringhello, I’m able to identify what root causes are behind the fear and the feeling uncomfortable on the phone, and more importantly, finding those little snippets of things that people are really good at actually listening to them on the phone and hearing where they really excel and pulling that out of them.

It’s as much about identifying that and making them feel confident about what they already do that’s great as it is about honing and coaching and helping them understand where they can change their approach and why they feel the fear in the first place and break down that wall, because fear is like a wall, it’s like a brick wall that can stop you doing things so it’s about taking away that fear by seeing it for what it is.

When I’ve worked with people, they’ve been lovely and said it feels almost like they’ve had a counselling session too, when they’ve worked with me, but I really get a buzz out of seeing the progression when I start working with somebody and they can be quite mousey and they’re maybe not so confident and I have to get them to speak up to hearing them just sound totally different after a while.

Also, I get involved quite a lot in helping with the relationships with their boss because often their boss will get me on board to help them on the phone and to feel more confident and, you know, I have to drop little things in there and be quite like a relationship guru for the boss, and help the boss understand what they’re doing that maybe isn’t helping the team or what they can do differently that’s going to help, or sometimes just getting hands-on involved, grabbing the script, as loads of people like to have, you know I hate scripts, you know I think they’re evil, but I call them prompt sheets so it’s got the key information you need rather than a, “Hello, my name is Joe Bloggs, from this company,” but often I get hands-on, pull it apart, write it based for each person on how they speak and what their personal style is, and then also to work with them, to use that and see how they get on with it, and this is part of the thing, you see, speaking to people on the phone is a really personal thing.  I’ve noticed recently, already in the New Year, that I’ve really enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with my clients and my prospects, and I mean really enjoyed, I’m not just saying that, actually having a conversation is amazing.  I mean, look, I’m really remote, I live in the middle of nowhere; I’m currently looking at half a snowy mountain because the rest is covered in cloud and, you know, it’s nice to actually have interaction and conversation with people.

So, I think that if you are one of those people that’s scared, I’m happy to have a quick chat to anybody to just help you see, and I know it sounds like a strange thing to suggest, if you’re scared to speak on the phone to phone me up, but message me then and I’ll give you a call at some point and we’ll just have a chat because I want to help people feel better and more confident and comfortable in what they say and how they appear on the phone and how they feel, more importantly, how they feel.

Although I’m, whether you call it a coach, a mentor or a trainer, I’m actually just here to empower you, to help you see where your real skills like and to help you bring the best of those out.  So, there’s no magic, there’s no voodoo, there’s not even really any structure.  I don’t have a rough guideline, I’ve got things I know will work and things that I need to consider and things I need to ask and I’ll do a needs analysis with anyone that I work with on a professional basis and I’m toying with the idea of running webinars too; if you’re interested and a webinar is something you think actually, you’d like to come along to let me know!

If you want some help, give me a call on 0800 009 6250 or ping me an email or a LinkedIn message, Janine@ringhello.co.uk.  You’ll find me really easily on LinkedIn, it’s LinkedIn.com/telemarketing will get to me so, or Janine Forder.  Just look me up, connect with me, don’t be scared because, do you know what, I’ve been doing this job for so many years, even before I start a campaign, I get nervous too, it’s natural, we’re human, but there are things we can do to make ourselves feel better about it so just get in touch somehow.  If you don’t want to phone me yet, that’s fine, we’ll talk on email first, build up a bit of a rapport

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