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Handling a growing team can be hard work and also rewarding.  Similar to having a child as it happens! I’ve had to really examine my management style over the last few years.  Here’s an account of why my management style was not at all what I expected, and what I’ve learned – it may well help you!

I am so delighted to say that I have a great team of telemarketers working with me here at Ringhello. When I envisaged my company growing, I had no idea that it was all about the team you surround yourself with. I’ve always thought it was about how you lead them.  And to be honest it is a bit of both, but I’ve noticed that my management style is not what I expected.  I thought you weren’t allowed to be friendly to your “staff”. I thought you had to always be professional, and never let them see the real you.  However that’s the opposite of what has worked for me.

Past “Learning Experiences”. I’d tried various guises of expanding in the past and chickened out or not had the right team with me, and I suspect I’d been dogmatic, untrusting and precious about my brand.  It was my baby and then a real one came along on Valentine’s day in 2016 and I got a reality check.  I realised when I was pregnant that I needed support to help this business grow and that I needed to learn to trust other people, and to allow them to stand in and help me manage my business in the way I needed to do it, as a leader and by choosing the right clients.  It was hard for me to do this on some levels, because I’d been let down before and also had bad experiences of Managers and didn’t want to be like them.  But the truth is, I never realised how good it could be to work in a team when you appreciate the skills you each bring to the table.

I’m good at Telemarketing, in fact I am GREAT at talking to people and finding out everything I need to about what they are doing so I can get leads for my clients, but that doesn’t mean I am the only one or indeed the best at it. I believe I am up there as one of the best but I now know I work alongside a team of other awesome people who also share those skills and I am humbled that they are working with me to make my business a success.  I think I’d got used to being stuck up in the Highlands of Scotland, miles from where I grew up “down south” and in the Thames Valley and got too comfortable in my little cabin in the garden with my regular clients and just ticking over and something needed to shift in order for things to change for the better.

How to be a leader: I try to lead the team by example – literally.  I let the team listen in to calls I make so they can hear how I’d approach the calls for the clients, as well as being thorough in my preparation for them. I coach them and hope I do it right when there’s something they need to remember to do.  I hate having to pick anybody up on what they’re doing and really try very hard to do so in a constructive way. I also go out of my way to make sure they know how appreciated they are and how much they mean to me and my business, and also to let them know when they’ve done a good job. Because working for yourself or being self-employed is hard work. I did it for so long (too long) and we all need some reassurance and positive reinforcement.

I’ve laughed with them, I’ve even cried in front of them when it’s been really tough. But they supported me on every level and we’re stronger for it.

I love working with other people, which if you’d have asked me about in an interview 15 years ago, I’d have said, but it would have been a lie!

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