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With 2018 looming here’s what it holds for Ringhello?

As it stands right now, we have 3 new-to-us telemarketers set to join our team in 2018 (all male) and we have over 15 proposals out to new prospective clients so it may well be that we need to grow the team further.  I’m still very picky as to who I let on my team, but I’ve realised that the key to a successful team is to trust my instincts. I’m a hippie at heart, I’ve even written and published a spirituality based book this year, and am experiencing some awesome feedback from people about that – things like “this has literally changed my life” and “I’ve laughed and cried with you in this book” and I am so excited for what the future holds on that you couldn’t believe. But what that’s taught me to do is to stop trying to keep that part of me and my business separate, but combine them so I use those honed instincts to guide me in business. If something doesn’t feel right, then I won’t touch it. If I feel inspired and happy when I speak to someone, I let them know how much I’ve enjoyed talking to them.

I (Janine that is!) am focusing more and more on being genuinely authentic – basically MORE ME in business.  I’ve told people many a time that we (the team here) speak to people that we call as though they’re people – we’re chatty, we’re friendly – we are not over-familiar but we engage in proper conversations with people and ones that are fun for us to have as well as to serve a purpose for our clients.  It makes a huge difference doesn’t it to make sure you do things you’re happy with and that make you really happy?

I may do some training webinars, but I like the individual approach of working one to one with someone.  But i’ll try it and see how it goes and get advice from people who know better so they can tell me what I need to take into account to generate interest in the webinars.

I will continue to work for my longstanding (and some new) clients to help them gain traction. I’ll also be really pushing my telephone confidence training because I absolutely love doing this – my eyes light up when I talk about it because it appeals to my heart and soul.  I have the experience to help people feel better about themselves. I know what works and what doesn’t when speaking to people on the phone. I know why it is that someone doesn’t feel confident and help them understand it in a way that helps them move forward from it constructively. I want to help, and I love (as we all do) doing something we’re passionate about. I will continue to do calls for some of our campaigns so I understand firsthand how they’re progressing – this is common sense to me to do this! And my team, my AMAZING and wonderful team of freelance telemarketers will carry on doing the majority of the calls for our lovely clients.  We’ll keep on helping people with the work we do, we’ll keep on enjoying the work we do, and we’ll continue to grow and change the face of cold calling and telemarketing.

We’ll carry on building our CRM or calling platform – the system we’ve developed to make cold calling and managing your prospects easy as pie. We’ll keep getting free alpha testing clients on board with that and develop new versions based on feedback.  We’ll launch it officially and show people that you don’t need a clunky system which is like a sledgehammer to crack a nut.  We’ll carry on keeping our clients happy, and listening to their feedback.


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