How to leave a voice mail so people call you back.

5th September 2017 Uncategorised 2

Leaving a voice mail for someone should be something that’s simple to do, but from the awful ones I receive it’s clearly a skill that people need to brush up on. So I’ve created this guide below which i KNOW WORKS to get people to call you back.

Before you call: 

  1. Call from your mobile if you’re phoning a mobile, people tend to pick it up more often and if they don’t they’ll reply and say they had a missed call from you. They have Fear of Missing Out you see!
  2. Have your number written out in front of you – yes I know you know it but you can forget and sound like a numpty. Let’s avoid that!
  3. If you’ve spent 2 minutes getting through a receptionist to get to someone’s voicemail, you may as well leave them a message!


On the call: 

  1. Start by saying your FIRST NAME ONLY and NOT your company. They’ll be more intrigued and inclined to listen to who you are.
  2. Then say whey you’re calling for example
    1.  “I’m going to drop you an email over about this service I offer (tell them briefly what it is) and I wanted to let you know so it’s not a cold email and you know to expect it.  Then send your email with “as per my voicemail” in the title.
    2. “I’d like to arrange to meet with you about THIS, and I have these dates free”   You see, by now they’re intrigued and want to know who the heck you are, so tell them.
  3. I’m calling from THIS COMPANY (if you say it at the start people are more likely to put the phone down).
  4. Ask them to call you back “it would be great if you can give me a call back on…”
  5. Leave your number AND SAY IT SLOWLY – YOU KNOW your number, they don’t. This is THE MOST important part of leaving a voicemail but the one part people add as an afterthought and it drives us ALL NUTS when it’s rattled off.  So, S L O W  D O W N, and say it twice.
  6. Then state your name and your company again.
  7. Say you look forward to hearing from them.

Print this off and try it! Good luck & you’re welcome!

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2 Responses

  1. avormin.biz says:

    It is acceptable to leave a short summary of the reason for your call and end it by saying, Please return my call and I will go over the issue with you in more detail.

    • Janine Forder says:

      A few points to answer your question. I wouldn’t. Nobody wants to be sold to in a voicemail and they’ll switch off. If they want to know more before they call you back they’ll google you. Also saying the word “issue” is negative and subconsciously isn’t helping your cause so I’d try to avoid that as it also sounds a bit too salesy.

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