Appointment Setting. What is it?

13th July 2017 Uncategorised 0

I know it sounds like an obvious question. But here’s how we go about it.

In the marketplace today, it has become increasingly important to ensure that the best use is made of your time. You really want to make sure that when you or your sales team take time out of the office to meet with a lead, carry out a demonstration or a webex, the prospect is genuinely interested and ready to buy – or at the very least, in the process of establishing a shortlist of organisations to buy from.

Only once we have a prospect who is interested and ready to meet will we arrange for this to happen, unless you have adopted a soft sell, “foot in the door” approach, which is increasingly falling out of favour as companies focus more firmly on profitability. When we send you to a meeting, we guarantee it will be with a person who has budget holding responsibility or influence, or who it is necessary for you to meet as part of their company process for other reasons.

With Ringhello your appointment sheet is intended to give you detailed information about the person you are meeting, as much of their requirements (and information you have requested) as we have been able to establish. You will be given information about parking arrangements, security passes, which reception to report to and so on. If possible we will provide you with information about the person you are meeting that will help you establish rapport.

You can download the lead sheet to print off and take to your meeting, and we ask you to provide feedback to the Freelance Telemarketer through our online calling system which you have live access to.


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