How do you FEEL when on the phone?

3rd July 2017 News 0

Yes I know this is a corporate website but you know what? We’re people who happen to be working. So here goes.

My stomach used to get that fluttery feeling (fear) before I started a new campaign for a client meanwhile my head was full of this incessant internal dialogue and thoughts like

“what if someone is rude, this client is relying on me, what if I say the wrong thing? what if I don’t know the answers to questions?” 

This was back in the day when I worked for someone else and had to follow a script. Well, now it’s all changed. I have done this job long enough to know that it’s rare that people are rude and if they are, that’s down to them and not me. The rest I can overcome by preparing properly and making sure I know what I’m talking about and just having a conversation with someone. Also my job is to find leads, not understand in its entirety how a product is made and how it works, I just need to know how to sell it.

The other key and perhaps most important thing is this:

You learn on the job. We all do. You start on a campaign and you get a feel for how well received the offering is. This means you build a picture quickly of what matters and the right language to use for the target audience.

Part of the reason we don’t use scripts (instead we have a prompt sheet full of USPs and key questions etc) is because they don’t allow for deviation. They in themselves make people feel there’s an unrealistic expectation of the perfect conversation to be held to. They expect that you can talk someone round if they’re not interested (there’s really no point in trying to do this as they only cancel a meeting you set).

Trying to make someone stick to a script therefore promotes insecurity and that’s not something I wish on anyone.

Plus, we’re not robots, we’re humans.  These days where there’s loads online we need human interaction and not more automated voices! Literally as I wrote that I then got a call from an automated message!!!!!

So we don’t use scripts because I want my team to feel empowered and to be confident in getting on and doing their job whilst playing to the strength of their own natural charisma and conversation skills.

If you want help to be more confident on the phone or to just get someone else to do it as you don’t see how you’ll find your way around to making those calls, ask me to help.

Thanks for reading!




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