What exactly IS Intelligent Telemarketing?

16th January 2013 News 0

Telemarketing as it used to be is not effective any more.  We have to evolve and adapt to match the market and the increase in a move towards people liking to read things online. Combine the old fashioned telephone conversation with online marketing makes for AMAZING RESULTS.Amazing Results

This is why we carry out INTELLIGENT TELEMARKETING.  But what exactly IS Intelligent Telemarketing?

An increasing part of our job is to send emails out to follow up our calls on behalf of our clients – I use that phrase loosely, we always appear as though we are calling from our clients. This combined approach works. Nowadays people are busy but used to reading things online, so you will get asked for more information to go over on email.

We have proven success, only today someone replied to an email to me in response to a call where I couldn’t reach them and the email essentially went along these lines. “yes I am interested, I am looking now. This is what I have and this is what I want, can we arrange to talk in more detail later today”.

Intelligent Telemarketing is about combining all aspects of lead generation. You have to get the right people at the right time, but I can guarantee you that you need to get the approach correct and the messaging consistent throughout all of your efforts to get the results you want – which ultimately for EVERY client is to meet with someone who is serious about doing business with them.

There have been clients in the past who just wanted someone to whack out the calls (and treat email requests as fob offs). That’s NOT what we are about – we instinctively know when it’s worth emailing or you are being fobbed off. That’s a skill you can’t teach. It IS what Intelligent Telemarketing is all about.

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