Lead Generation IS DIFFERENT to Sales

23rd June 2011 News 0

I may have written this blog in 2011 but it’s still relevant today.   The role of a lead generator or telemarketer is totally different to sales. That’s why commission only projects don’t work for us…but let us explain…

When a lead is passed to a sales person it’s a qualified opportunity, we know that for whatever reason the prospect has some interest in what you have to offer.

The sales person often they have no idea about the amount of time which has gone into getting it there – because it’s not their job (or interest) to know.

With a sales person they’re already in the door, it’s a case of “how much?” so targeted performance related commission works well. 100% of their time can be spent on selling. That isn’t how it works for us.

What we do is based on a yes or a no, it’s black and white. You’re either at the right time to get in the door or you’re not, and building a good database so you can contact people at the right time throughout the year is critical to the success of a good campaign and longevity in your lead generation efforts, and your business.

This means we can’t focus 100% on getting meetings, you have to take into account all the aspects which make up getting good long term returns from your efforts –

• sorting the data (calling dead numbers, finding the right ones, TPS screening them,
• using networking sites and the web to find contacts, and clarify they’re the right person – people are getting more and more cagey about passing you to someone else, but it’s usually all there online somewhere.
• Dialing direct dials, speaking to colleagues of the person you need to qualify when they’re in, calling them back when they are.
• Engaging with the prospect to tell them about the solution or offering.
• Emailing them info so they know you are who you say you are.
• If the timing’s wrong and they’re in contract it’s about finding out the details so you can target them when the time is right.
• THEN we get down to getting the meetings.

So you see, with all this extra legwork, which can be impossible to predict, how can commission projects work for us?

It’s not a case of how good we are at our job, so saying to us “if you’re skills are as you say, then I am sure this commission is attractive to you” – it’s not. It rarely is.

It’s a case of how good the data is and all the other things that are involved in getting a prospect to the right level in order for a lead to be properly qualified and useful – which pays off for you in the long run.

Quick wins don’t come from not having put any legwork in to establish if you’re targeting the right people at the right time.

It’s purely reliant on good timing and if you’ve not even got a database where the numbers are still in service you’re diminishing your returns before you start.

If however you carry out a telemarketing campaign (and we make the distinction here between telemarketing and lead generation) to “whack through a list and qualify them in or out for lead gen” with a view to then carrying out targeted lead generation then you stand a better chance of getting the results you want.

We don’t see the point of doing lead generation unless it’s done properly, we hope you can see that too.


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