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A 2 minute video introduction to Ringhello.

We are a collective of freelance telemarketers working under one brand.

This video tells you a bit about who we are, how we work and what we do. If you’d like to speak to us please BOOK A CALL

Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing, telesales, cold calling, upselling, appointment setting and lead B2B generation services. You get a dedicated and great freelance telemarketer to generate new business leads, nurture your sales pipeline and connect with the people you don’t find time to contact.

More please

Our Happy Clients

Over the last 13 years we’ve worked with clients in a variety of sectors.

Some clients want telemarketing help with one-off projects, others need us for a few hours a day, some a few days a month and some work with us for years.  Read what they have to say about us here.


IT Security Experts

Our team has lots of experience carrying out telemarketing for clients in the exciting IT, Security & SaaS sectors.

We know you need to speak to decision makers with money to spend and their projects identified. We’ll find them and qualify them for you so you meet with people when they’re ready to buy. TECHY TALK

Unique Calling System

We were fed up of those large and complicated CRM systems so we built our own calling system for our freelance team and our customers to use.

Clients get live access to see how their campaign is going.  Nobody else has this system and it’s built to show clients exactly what they want to know – who is in the sales pipeline and when are they due a callback? SHOW ME

Coaching & Training

If you or one of your team needs help to be more confident on the phone or just clearer on the approach to take when you call, Janine can help.

We’ll work with you to create a strategy & campaign scope and mentor you until you’re happy and more confident. TEACH ME

Our Awesome Team

We are a collaboration of freelance telemarketers.  We chose to do this job and we love what we do! As our client you will know exactly who is working on your calls.  You always get to speak directly with your freelancer.   Ringhello was set up by Janine Forder when she took the plunge to go self-employed in 2006. As her workload increased and the company grew she started working with an awesome team of freelance telemarketers, each with their own unique skills as you can see below.

A note from JanineOur ethos: find the right people, use their unique skills, trust them, and support them in the best way to carry out the work they are good at.  Simon and I moved from the Thames Valley area (Reading, Newbury, Bracknell etc) and although we now enjoy living in the Highlands, we are familiar with the blue chip scene in the UK, and really understand how things work, and the lay of the land (literally) in the South East and Thames Valley.  We have Freelance Telemarketers all over the UK and also USA.
Introduction to Ringhello Freelance Telemarketers


Founder & Phone Confidence Coach

Janine started out telemarketing in 2001 in the FMCG sector.

She then moved to an IT Security BD Agency and then in 2006 CHOSE to become self employed and worked for a long time in the IT Security and Oil & Gas sectors. When Janine expanded Ringhello in 2010, it was vital that her team of freelance telemarketers held the same values:  treat everyone you speak to with kindness, engage prospects in consultative discussions, finding out about project plans and building and maintaining a sales pipeline for clients until a prospect is really interested and turns into a fully qualified hot lead or meeting.

Janine is based in Glenlivet


Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Simon has been in the business since 2010 and with Janine since 1997.

They know how to work well together!

He deals with all the database setup and our accounts.

Simon works with Janine to match up the correct telemarketers to each client and trains them on using the calling system.

Simon is driving our project to take our specially designed calling system to market.

It’s helping our SME customers manage their prospects really easily and our clients simply log on to access their leads and and see clearly how their campaign is going.

Simon is also in Glenlivet


Freelance Telemarketer – Various Campaigns

Yasmin has worked in the hardest field of Telesales – Advertising space. She’s great on property-related campaigns and also handles social media accounts for some of our Platinum level clients.

She works on a lot of our Gold and Platinum campaigns. Her results are amazing and her dedication is admirable.

Way back she worked for a council researching and presenting to local businesses about the need and benefits of  them having broadband!

Yasmin also knows how the public sector operates and has experience speaking to IT Managers and the Broadcast Industry.

Yasmin’s lived all over South East England including East London, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Chelsea Colchester and is now in Salisbury.


Freelance Telemarketer – Various inc IT Infrastructure

Romilly worked for JC Decaux – one of the world’s largest advertising companies.

She was one of the first on the team and always does a great job for clients, managing their campaigns with professionalism and a level of expertise that always helps them feel comfortable.

She’s great on the technical campaigns selling both products and services. Campaigns include: digital marketing, advertising sales, video content generation, IT and Telecoms, Print Management, Property and IT Security (cyber security consulting, training services and security solutions and Infrastructure). Romillly is based in the Midlands


Freelance Telemarketer – Various

Melanie is a really upbeat, telemarketer.  She started her telemarketing career in 2014 and works mainly on technology campaigns.

Her background in CBT means she can spot subtle cues when people speak that give a lot away; and she has a great knack of engaging people in friendly and “chatty” conversations to get them to give as much information as possible, whilst also selling the client’s products!

She’s great at engaging with C level contacts in a variety of sectors and handles our IT campaigns with ease.

She’s generated great meetings for clients within the Telecoms, Copy/Print sectors and for our IT services clients.

Melanie is well travelled all over the UK due to her hubby being in the RAF and is in Cranwell


Freelance Telemarketer – Various including Security

Katie has come from a strong customer service role, including working on a technical support desk for iOS devices at apple.  So when it comes to technology, infrastructure and IT Security campaigns she can nail them with authority and confidence.

She’s got a strong history working within the retail environment and is multilingual (Portuguese, English and Spanish). She’s worked in the harsh door to door sales environment and most of her work has been in contact centres. She knows how to get people to open up and share critical information. Katie  easily handles technical campaigns and is adaptable for those clients with a less technical offering.

Katie is based in Plymouth


Freelance Telemarketing – Various

Paul specialises in business development, communications and leadership and change management.

He’s the former MD to an International non-profit organisation and has lots of experience in the commercial sector.

 His skills include – auditing and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, reports and impact assessments, business plans, restructuring (planning and implementation), procurement, protection of IP and Charity registration.

Paul loves finding out about project plans and building and maintaining a sales pipeline for clients until a prospect is really interested and turns into a fully qualified hot lead or meeting.

Paul is based in Poole


Freelance Telemarketer – Various

Monty has a huge range of experience in the Finance and Technology Sectors.

He’s very well connected in the Fortune 500 market and sounds like a Director as he’s been one and is used to speaking to them all the time.  He sounds like a well spoken Director which often works in his favour on calls. Monty has generated over £5 million GBP in new accounts and set up and ran Tiger Pacific Asset Management in Morocco. He’s personally been responsible for bringing in major professional city accounts to Stock Brokers including  Slaughter & May, Deloittes and Allen and Overy, to name just a few

Monty is based in Sunny Spain


Freelance Telemarketer – Various including Security

Phil is another of our technology telemarketing gurus, and been a telemarketer since 2004. He’s a landscape gardener when he’s not on the phones for Ringhello.

Phil has covered campaigns for Google Adwords, Digital PR, Telephony providers, IT & IT Security, SaaS Printers/copiers, energy consultants, recruitment and media sales.

Phil has a great conversational and meaningful approach on the phone and he has impressed people he’s tried to “sell TO” SO much that they then come to us as clients to get him to do their cold calling too!  That speaks volumes.

Phil is based in Bournemouth


USA based Freelance Telemarketer

Carrie is our USA freelancer making Ringhello officially international!

Carrie is supporting our clients who specialise in the online marketing sectors, and she is doing a simply amazing job at collecting information from people, finding out how they feel about events they’ve attended and identifying the best next step for them.

The client is delighted with the work she’s doing and we’re delighted to have her as part of the team.

She also has experience in healthcare and pharma sectors.

Carrie is in Minnesota, USA


Freelance Telemarketer – Every Sector!

You name it, Janet’s done it including telemarketing for:

Translation Serrvices,  Software, Care Industry specific equipment, Industrial Flooring and Carpeting, Recruitment, Courier services, Accountancy and involvency practitioners.

She’s also generated amazing leads for Corporate Cleaning Companies, Website Development, Payment Machines for Retail Merchant Services, Guttering and Building Products, Air Conditioning and Refridgeration manufacturers and partners… you get the idea. 

She’s got a great attitude and can handle campaigns with ease having previously run her own Telemarketing Agency so she really knows what works. Janet is based in Devon


Freelance Telemarketer – Design and Print

Paul began his career as a Graphic Designer and Production Manager in MediaCity UK so he knows the print and design sectors in lots of aspects inside out from an end user and buyer perspective as well as a sales professional so he knows what people want in this industry.

Since then he’s worked on a diverse range of sectors including direct sales for tools & fixings for the construction business, products for the care industry, national couriers, interior designers and air conditioning.

Paul is based in Devon

We ALWAYS engage in conversations WITH people and don’t sell AT them

Ringhello is a small team of freelancers providing intelligent telemarketing, cold calling & appointment setting services to provide clients with high quality sales leads and meetings.

We are flexible so if you’re in-between packages or just need an hour a week let’s talk. Whether you need us for a few days a week, a few days a month just a one-off project, we’ll help. 
All our clients get access to the live calling system to see the progress of their campaigns, access live interactive lead sheets and see their sales pipeline and next call back dates. 
Sounds great. Please Tell me More

We’re good on the phone

0800 009 6250

We are Technology & IT Security Telemarketing Experts

We work on a variety of campaigns for B2B clients with all sorts of products and services, but we really shine when it comes to technology telemarketing campaigns.

An intelligent, well informed call is the quickest and most effective way to reach IT professionals.

We engage in consultative discussions with contacts to understand their roadmap and forthcoming projects, timescales, budget and decision process and stakeholders etc.

If you combine calls with a regular and well written email and LinkedIn connection building campaign, it’s a proven winning combination to get fully qualified meetings with genuinely interested prospects. We’ve done it for years and we know it works well!

Appointment Setting for Threat Management

Whether you help with Endpoint Security, SSL, Firewalls, VPNs, Email Encryption, Patch Management, Unified Threat Management, Penetration Testing or Disaster Recovery Solutions, we can get you qualified leads

Meetings for Cloud Based Systems & SaaS

SaaS is the fastest growing market.  We’ve generated leads for a wide range specialist supplier and client relationship management systems and IT Support, ECM and Content Management tools

Project Identification for ID Management

Identity Management has evolved dramatically over the years. We’ve worked on campaigns from 2FA, Digital Certificate Smart Cards, Enterprise SSO, Biometric Security & Access Systems

Channel Development  Reseller/Distie calls

We help vendors recruit new resellers and distributors both in the UK and Europe. If the channel is your route to market, we can help you build that channel both in  UK and European territories

Calls for MSPs with Multiple Vendor Products

We know how to help MSPs take their services to market.  We have a sure fire introduction to use with IT and IT Security professionals that gets them to open up about their projects so you can sell your services

Longer Term Relationships with Designers

We call designers to establish their colour, print and Mac support needs as well finding out what larger scale projects they have coming up where they need to purchase specialist broadcasting & design technology

What Our Clients Say

We love helping companies grow and expand. We’ve worked with clients over years to help them succeed and feel confident that they know the leads and meetings will keep flowing in whilst they get on with running the business!

“Ringhello started as a speculative investment but have very quickly grown to become an integral part of our business. From the very first month they were able to secure appointments that we had been chasing for the last 2 years.

Their conversion rate has exceeded all expectations and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services. Telesales is an art, best left to the professionals”
Carl B
managing director

“We needed some help identifying leads from software companies and IT developers.

They’re a notoriously tricky bunch to crack. Janine’s breezy and professional style won us some high value leads, some of which we converted into sales.

Did we return on our telemarketing spend? Certainly and by a factor of at least 5. Would I recommend Janine at RingHello? Without hesitation.”

Henry Cazelet
the sms works ltd

“Their team are extremely capable and experts in their field. In a very short time they produced triple the leads that we had generated by doing it in house.

For any future cold calling work it is a no brainer that we use Ringhello!”
Jake Willis
london shared

“Janine loves doing one thing I hate – calling prospects. For that, she’s priceless. She understands how to find people, build lists, hold a pipeline of connections and secure meetings. Janine is my sales team. I know I can talk to her any time and provide direction, But as also chat about life and the universe – she really is exceptional on the phone; just the right energy. I’m probably farting around 60% less on LinkedIn because I’m working to turn contacts into connections.”

Tom Oxley
Bamboo workplace mental health

“The ROI we get from using Ringhello is a no brainer. We know they’ll find those opportunities through tenaciously working at calling and researching projects and tenders to get us the best chance to make a sale. That’s all we want, someone we can trust to sniff out those deals we may not have ordinarily found and set us up with all the information we need to know about a prospect & their projects, so we can get technical in the meetings and focus on closing deals in those meetings”

Ray Gordon
managing director

“It’s very difficult to find a lead generation agency that you can rely on to be agile, trustworthy, & most importantly, passionate about getting results. That’s what we got when we engaged with RingHello. Janine and the team, stepped into the role of our telemarketing team effortlessly and, even with a short 5-day contract, managed to produce some excellent results, and a few high value opportunities for us to close.”

Wants to remain anonymous so his competitors don’t know his secret weapon – us!
digital marketing & software Development agency

“As a small business we rely on good exposure to bring our services to the knowledge of our customers and potential customers. Cold calling and marketing effectiveness are the backbone of a good success for our size…

RingHello’s marketing skills are unrivalled and their effect to our business is unequal!  I receive constant compliments from the results cold-call prospects I talk to. They absolutely adore speaking to the team! You cant’s say better than that”

Bruno Lopes
managing director silvertip technology

“JST PreSale Ltd. has used Ring Hello for two very different clients at each end of the UK and on both projects Simon delivered more than a telemarketing service. Rarely found these days in B2B complex sell lead generation – Ringhello were not only tactically and sensitively superior in approaching potential buyers by voice – they also became a trusted advisor in the crafting of the strategic e-marketing & sales strategy at the outset.

We look forward to working with them again very soon.”

Jim Stewart

“Having someone independent phoning all our clients and asking specific questions to gain an insight into how we as a company provide our services and how we can improve in different areas. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Janine is really friendly, has some great ideas and is confident in what she does, obviously enjoys the phone and chatting with people, which is perfect for what we wanted. I would be more than happy to recommend Janine and her team to anyone who is looking for this kind of phone calling work.”

Tracey Clarke

“Really impressed with Ringhello’s approach, which is collaborative and results-focused. Well thought out processes around getting a Channel Development campaign up and running make it easy to get started, and easy to distill the most important, complex messages for effective delivery.

Their intelligent feedback reveals subtleties of conversations that make a difference but might be otherwise missed. I was impressed by their enthusiasm, and by the result of the activity, and would encourage anyone looking for telemarketing services to add them to their shortlist.”
Anne Rogers
marketing specialist

“Been working with Janine and her team for a few weeks now , great results and always detailed information provided, Ringhello is a great find.”

Phil Nash
national sales manager asl group

“Janine ran a marketing campaign for us recently (start 2017) and was thoroughly professional and reliable throughout. Ringhello were always willing to go a step further to make sure that our requirements were met. If you are looking to run a telemarketing campaign then give Janine and Ringhello a call!”

Chris Cozens
sales exec

“Ringhello helped our company identify a number of qualified prospect leads and those opportunities materialized into actual meetings and bringing on board new clients. The data gathered by the team helped us diarise a considerable amount of contract renewal follow-ups with prospect clients…”

Daniela Smoke
marketing manager

“The meetings Ringhello made for me are well qualified and most importantly have turned into tangible business and good income. I trust the team completely to represent my company and I know they’ll just get on with the job, keep my data in good condition and improve it as well as looking after my sales pipeline.  I can concentrate on running my business. I know there are a lot of consultants out there but Ringhello give it to you straight and they do the work well”

Paul Cochrane
managing director
vtec solutions ltd

“We hired RingHello to help with a specialist media-sector marketing drive. The team have been great throughout. Efficient, professional and always ready to help and suggest new ideas… great reports… I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone looking to outsource their telemarketing work.”

Ryan Wilkins

“Janine provided telemarketing services to our firm on a very critical campaign targeting senior decision-makers.

She exhibited great professionalism in planning and conducting the calls, made valid improvement suggestions from her rich experience, and applied to our scripts the right dose of creative improvisation where it mattered. Therefore Janine is highly recommended as service provider and a pleasure to work with, as individual.”

Vladimir Dimitrioff
experienced management consultant

“We engaged Ring Hello to call some of our old customers in a specific market segment.

Yasmin is a specialist in this area and been able to get through all these customers and start on a new list making new contacts for us. I’m very pleased with the interest she has created in our products and look forward to increased sales. Ring Hello are very easy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone needing some telesales specialist help.”
Nigel Stephens
managing director

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Keeping in touch should be simple, not stressful. It should also be free!

We got fed up of being asked to use large clunky CRM systems. So we built a system to call from that’s completely unique and makes it so easy for SMEs to keep their data in one place, with a logical way to call people easily, so you see all you need on one screen and stop fighting with lots of spreadsheets.

We want people to use our system for a year for free!

We teamed up with an amazing developer Plexus Media to enable our sales-focused calling system to be set-up remotely allowing multiple access points.

The Ringhello calling system provides more usability than many CRM systems designed to process sales, because it was built to allow quick and easy call recording, and makes it easy to develop pipelines, and most importantly see what’s going on!


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