How are you going to get new leads when GDPR comes in?

GDPR is going to seriously affect the ability of businesses to source data from brokers which is compliant. Historically it has been the case that you can purchase lists of data from many suppliers (of varying quality) which you can then use as a database of contacts to communicate with. The providers called the companies…
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12th May 2017 0

GDPR – How does it affect my business?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, a piece of EU law that the British Government will be implementing in May 2018 that governs how you use all the data stored in your CRM which can be related to an individual. Name, Job Title, email, DDI, mobile number, responsibilities etc. If you have this on…
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11th May 2017 0

GDPR – What is it and why should I care?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. It is a piece of EU legislation which the British Government has confirmed it will be adopting. Simply put, the purpose of the GDPR is to regulate how personal data is used by businesses. It applies to EVERY piece of personal data in existence, including information like job…
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10th May 2017 0

Here’s what to do if you want to sell locally

Do you want to sell your product or service to local businesses?  You can, and there are various things you need to consider when you do so. Here’s what to do if you want to sell locally. Do attend some of those networking meetings, the key people there will be known by everyone local. The…
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18th April 2017 0

Why you should phone people and not use social media

Question for you: When you get a message do you read it in your voice or the voice of the person sending it? Exactly. Yours. When you call someone, you hear their message in THEIR voice. Their tone, their good (or bad) day influencing the conversation. When it’s online, you only ever read it in…
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15th March 2017 0

Sales Innovation Expo   Come and see us there! Featuring or blogs for the show: If you’re a Director shouldn’t you be too busy to make cold calls? and   Your Unique Selling Point should be as unique as your fingerprint  

9th March 2017 0

Hottest part of a flame is the blue part

Everyone wants more business. Ideally now. However all relationships take time to build and to find out if someone wants what you offer. As humans we associate blue with being cold, but if you look at a flame, the hottest part is the blue part. It’s the part of the blowtorch I use when I’m…
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13th February 2017 0

What is the archetype that comes to mind when you think receptionist?

When you think of speaking to a receptionist, do you think of a gatekeeper? Someone who is there to block you and stand in your way? What is the archetype that comes to mind when you think receptionist? archetype ˈɑːkɪtʌɪp/ noun 1. a very typical example of a certain person or thing. “he was the…
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13th February 2017 0

What do you want from our relationship?

No matter who I talk to in business nowadays it seems that we’re all after one thing. We’re all craving the kind of working relationships that are built on honesty and mutual respect. We’re all fed up with being told a load of rubbish or being given expectations that are unrealistic.  We all want to…
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10th February 2017 0

Did your last Telemarketing effort give you a bitter taste?

Sometimes our prospective clients come to us because they need help. We’re used to speaking to the wives of the Directors we’re talking to, so they can sound us out and see what they think of us. This is especially the case where a client feels they’ve been burned in the past by someone offering…
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9th February 2017 0