If it’s “all about Social Media” nowadays then the telephone call will be a novelty soon, use it to your advantage!

I had a letter through the post recently that was hand written. It was nice, I felt special to get it…I mean, who sends personalised letters nowadays? It was a marketing letter – clever them. I’m all for Social Media, but wonder how long it’ll be before getting a phone call from someone instils the…
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18th October 2011 0

why is using a freelance telemarketer better?

Using a freelance telemarketer has many benefits. 1) for a freelance telemarketer the job is their livelihood. Therefore doing a good job is something which should come naturally. 2) freelance telemarketing means you get an expert. People don’t have the confidence to set up as self employed unless they have faith in their own abilities.…
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6th September 2011 0

We have a new service – pre lead generation telemarketing and data cleansing – special offer £100 per day throughout September

It’s become apparent recently that people think they have good data. For some this means they think it meets criteria they’ve set, for others they trust where they’ve bought it. However the unfortunate reality is that even with the “best data money can buy” you are never likely to get a full definitive prospect list…
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31st August 2011 0

Lots of people hold events this time of year, we’ll take care of the registrations for you

We’re experts at getting bums on seats so if you have an event and need help getting people there, please get in touch.

30th August 2011 0

listening is key – personal proof

I’ve been to my first business networking breakfast ever today (before you gasp, it’s my local one and it’s still 25 miles away). I’ve networked but not in the organised format of this morning’s 4Networking event. I found it fascinating to remind myself just how much you learn pick up from people just by listening…
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5th August 2011 0

experience and sector knowledge is everything

There’s a distinct sense of satisfaction when you’re calling target markets and you just know the way they work. For example you know how to get to speak to the people we need to, and the level to talk to them at, the kind of language you need to use, the tone of voice, the…
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3rd August 2011 0

August is better than you think for calling

We know what we’re talking about when it comes to lead generation and times of year. Contrary to some belief, calling in school holidays can definitely work in your favour. This is not an excuse, it’s fact. For example, if you’re calling IT teams it’s great – they aren’t having to look after as many…
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30th July 2011 0

Telemarketing myths uncovered

is calling on a Monday morning bad? what about a friday afternoon? should we avoid July/August? what about Christmas? all myths – and that comes from 12 years experience in the job. Why? Let’s take these one at a time: July/August – Calling in school holidays can definitely work in your favour. This is not…
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28th July 2011 0

Don’t underestimate receptionists and PAs

Don’t underestimate receptionists and PAs…or other people in the decision process who aren’t the decision maker. Having both worked in this capacity in the past, we understand how important it is to ensure you keep receptionists and Pas working for and with you. They are told to deflect you, they are also told what may…
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18th July 2011 0

Lead Generation IS DIFFERENT to Sales (and why commission only doesn’t work with us)

The role of a lead generator or telemarketer is totally different to sales. That’s why commission only projects don’t work for us…but let us explain… When a lead is passed to a sales person it’s a qualified opportunity, we know that for whatever reason the prospect has some interest in what you have to offer.…
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23rd June 2011 0