Don’t underestimate receptionists and PAs

Don’t underestimate receptionists and PAs…or other people in the decision process who aren’t the decision maker. Having both worked in this capacity in the past, we understand how important it is to ensure you keep receptionists and Pas working for and with you. They are told to deflect you, they are also told what may…
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18th July 2011 0

Lead Generation IS DIFFERENT to Sales (and why commission only doesn’t work with us)

The role of a lead generator or telemarketer is totally different to sales. That’s why commission only projects don’t work for us…but let us explain… When a lead is passed to a sales person it’s a qualified opportunity, we know that for whatever reason the prospect has some interest in what you have to offer.…
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23rd June 2011 0

Now booking work for August

Despite what some people think, August is traditionally a good month for us…the gatekeepers are on holiday, and the people we call are less stressed as they’re not having to look after as many other people (especially if it’s IT campaigns). We’re booking work for August now.

20th June 2011 0

Common cold calling mistakes, and tips to avoid them!

Mistake number 1: “How are you today?” don’t you hate it when you get a call from a company and the person on the other end is over friendly, asking how you are. It gets our goat. It’s too impersonal on a first call, and makes me think “what do you care”. When is it…
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16th May 2011 0