Author: Janine Forder

Feeling scared on the phone is OK

How to use your fear to your advantage. What is fear and how it can help you with telemarketing and cold calling or just when you’re speaking to people the phone. Please follow and like us:

7th September 2017 0

Why is Telemarketing the more Personal Touch?

If you pick up the phone and call someone, it can make you feel more confident about your future…why is this? Please follow and like us:

7th September 2017 0

How to leave the perfect voicemail

You might think you know how to leave a voice message for someone. But what if the reason they’re not calling you back is that you’re doing it wrong? Here’s how to do it right! Please follow and like us:

7th September 2017 0

How to leave a voice mail so people call you back.

Leaving a voice mail for someone should be something that’s simple to do, but from the awful ones I receive it’s clearly a skill that people need to brush up on. So I’ve created this guide below which i KNOW WORKS to get people to call you back. Before you call:  Call from your mobile…
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5th September 2017 2

Google Adwords vs Telemarketing

I’ve had some really interesting feedback from a client today on Google Adwords vs Telemarketing.   He’s running both side by side, and he’s said that Telemarketing definitely has the edge for him over adwords. Not only has he had meetings booked (we’re working on about a 1 in 5 conversion from calls with an outcome)…
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3rd August 2017 0

IT Telemarketing campaigns

IT Telemarketing is fun because techies get excited about new tech. And rightly so, they are after all able to understand it on a level that makes their passion show, and it’s a rapidly changing market. IT telemarketing is fun and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with them, calling for them and TO them…
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3rd August 2017 0

Why Do you Need a Sales Pipeline?

On average it takes 11 contact attempts to get a meeting with the decision maker at a major company (such as these ones here that we’ve got our clients into). The truth is nurturing your sales pipeline to get qualified leads takes time, but is well worth it.  Our clients don’t have the time to do this themselves, so we…
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13th July 2017 0

Appointment Setting. What is it?

I know it sounds like an obvious question. But here’s how we go about it. In the marketplace today, it has become increasingly important to ensure that the best use is made of your time. You really want to make sure that when you or your sales team take time out of the office to…
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13th July 2017 0

How do you FEEL when on the phone?

Yes I know this is a corporate website but you know what? We’re people who happen to be working. So here goes. My stomach used to get that fluttery feeling (fear) before I started a new campaign for a client meanwhile my head was full of this incessant internal dialogue and thoughts like “what if…
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3rd July 2017 0

Why should you call your clients?

Most people come to us because they don’t like picking up the phone. They focus on their new prospects but forget that GDPR means we need to keep in touch with our existing or past clients. Having a good chat with a client enables you to accurately gauge their levels of happiness with you. Confirming…
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22nd June 2017 0

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