Author: Janine Forder

What do you want from our relationship?

No matter who I talk to in business nowadays it seems that we’re all after one thing. We’re all craving the kind of working relationships that are built on honesty and mutual respect. We’re all fed up with being told a load of rubbish or being given expectations that are unrealistic.  We all want to…
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10th February 2017 0

Did your last Telemarketing effort give you a bitter taste?

Sometimes our prospective clients come to us because they need help. We’re used to speaking to the wives of the Directors we’re talking to, so they can sound us out and see what they think of us. This is especially the case where a client feels they’ve been burned in the past by someone offering…
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9th February 2017 0

Good manners and courtesy

What do you want when you speak to someone on the phone? You want them to have good manners and be courteous.  What do you want from someone who makes calls for you as though they work at your company?  You want to know you have someone with morals, with a good common sense and…
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8th February 2017 0

A helping hand for peace of mind

Janine and Simon’s son is about to turn 1. 1 year old. Wow. That FLEW past. But as he’s started walking with us, holding our hands this week, I saw this image and it really resonated with me. I thought to myself “this is what people need, and this is why our clients come to…
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7th February 2017 0

Know your fears, and get help to work through them

Running your own business can be scary. We all have our own fears about certain aspects of business. It’s important to recognise, and know your fears, and get help to work through them.  Telemarketing and Intuition have always gone hand in hand… I wonder whether Intuitive Telemarketing could be a “thing”.  I mean I know…
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7th February 2017 0

Celebrating 10 years in business -here’s what I learned

So what have I learned in my 10 years in business? 10 years is a long time by anybody’s standards.  So here’s what I’ve learned over the 10 years since I chose to become self-employed, and how my business has evolved. THE HISTORY (it helps set the scene – stick with it!) It started when…
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8th December 2016 0

Is everyone else after your ideal clients?

Do you worry that there are too many people out there offering what you do? Are you in a competitive market? Is everyone else after your ideal clients? Do you feel like everyone else is after the same clients as you? Feel like your pool of people doing what you do is getting overcrowded? Here are…
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21st November 2016 0

A small business shouldn’t do their own calling

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They’re a chance for individuals to shine and excel at the things they’re good at.  But a small business should not do their own cold calling. And most small businesses pride themselves on personal communication. But most small business owners are also petrified of doing their own…
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21st November 2016 0

Guaranteed Success

There is a clear way to ensure you get the leads you’re after if you engage with us.  How you can get guaranteed success and good results!         Please follow and like us:

13th October 2016 0

New Business starts here

We all need a bit of guidance when it comes to working out where our new business comes from at this time of year.  Have you thought about this and started to consider your stream of new leads? New Business. We all need it!  Well good news, if you follow these guidelines, then new business…
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3rd October 2016 0

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