Author: Janine Forder

How Fear is like a Brick Wall

I’ve been training a lot of people recently to help them be more confident on the phone.  It all boils down to fear.  I can help you overcome your fear.  Now, I have had a nice morning out with a friend having coffee, and something she said has led me to do this video.  She…
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19th January 2018 0

International Freelance Telemarketers

I am delighted to announce that Ringhello is international.  That means we now provide great international freelance telemarketers.  If you want to read about this carry on, if you would rather watch the video click here.  We have a fabulous team member, Carrie, based in the USA; we have also a team member, Jennifer, based…
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19th January 2018 0

Introducing Adam, our Chester based Freelance Telemarketer

We have another member added to our team recently – Adam! Adam is a financial services marketing guru. Adam has worked in the banking industry for over 24 years in both a marketing and direct financial capacity.  He’s covered legal, losses and collections.  He has a really good phone manner, which is friendly but commanding…
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11th January 2018 0

£35 per hour to call all your prospects – get GDPR compliant with Telemarketing

You need to be GDPR compliant by May 2015. We are helping people by calling through all their prospects and old contacts to make sure they’re happy to keep in touch with them. We give a time and date stamp to the data so you can prove compliance.  Don’t leave it until too late, get…
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10th January 2018 0

USA Freelance Telemarketer

Introducing Carrie, our Minnesota based Freelance Telemarketer. Carrie is our USA freelancer making Ringhello officially interenational! Carrie is so quick to pick things up and is really great on the phone at developing relationships with prospects and nurturing them with a professional approach. Carrie is supporitng our clients who specialise in the online marketing sectors,…
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2nd January 2018 0

My Management Style

Handling a growing team can be hard work and also rewarding.  Similar to having a child as it happens! I’ve had to really examine my management style over the last few years.  Here’s an account of why my management style was not at all what I expected, and what I’ve learned – it may well…
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27th December 2017 0

Ringhello in 2018

With 2018 looming here’s what it holds for Ringhello? As it stands right now, we have 3 new-to-us telemarketers set to join our team in 2018 (all male) and we have over 15 proposals out to new prospective clients so it may well be that we need to grow the team further.  I’m still very…
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22nd December 2017 0

A reflection on 2017

I am feeling rather reflective as we look towards 2018 and closing off 2017. I guess we all are so here’s my ramble about what 2017 has meant for me, for us, for Ringhello. I am so delighted to say that I have a great team of telemarketers working with me here at Ringhello. When…
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22nd December 2017 0

How to stay enthusiastic on the phone

How to stay enthusiastic on the phone. I’ve been doing this job for 17 years and I’m still cheerful and positive about doing this job! Please follow and like us:

5th December 2017 0

How to get around a “no names policy”

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5th December 2017 0

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