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Do you know who your next client is? Do you know when they will meet with you, or place their order? A dedicated member of our freelance telemarketing team will find who your prospects are, and build relationships with them, so that when they are ready to meet they think of you. Quality guaranteed meetings and appointments, with the right people, at the right time. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Your unique requirements and circumstances may differ from those of our other happy clients. That's why we have three different telemarketing packages - silver, gold, and platinum - so that we can respond to your needs with the best service.

If you'd rather have someone internal trained to do your calling for you, but don't know where to look, we are happy to provide detailed consultancy services. These offer ongoing support for your newly trained staff, and develop the relevant resources for your team to use - and much more! We can even look at providing more limited training and support on an hourly basis if you need to consider building confidence on the phone.

As freelance telemarketers we offer more flexibility with regard to contracts, days worked and approach, and we make sure that a member of the team is dedicated to your campaign so you can be sure of consistency and continuity. Our bespoke calling system gives you a live overview of campaign progress so that you can see how things are going and can communicate directly with the team about your leads. Go on, give us a ring!

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